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a somewhat arbitrary mile marker


quietly magnificent
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Will you be the two hundred thousandth visitor to our blog?

Take a look at the toolbar thingy on the right side of this page. Scroll down past the map and the blog tags, and tell us your visitor number.

And while we're holding the mirror up to our readers, we would love to know how long you've been reading our blog, and how you found us.


Debbie said...

I am number 199932 and I have been reading your blog since my daughter Kim (alaskahomeschoolmommy)came to visit me in Vacaville and we met you and Robb to do some slack boxing and find your boxes at that park in Oakland. I was redhatqueen. I usually check your blog everyday and I love your photography. I don't comment often but you and Robb made an impression on me and I'm glad you are doing so well.

Kristen said...

right now i'm number 199950, which is a pleasing number. I've been reading since 2006 and you used the site to show me some photos in the shop one day. But I think you knew that already.

Anonymous said...

I'm #199,997 and am resisting the urge to come back to the page a few times to be lucky 200,000! I've been reading the blog since a few months after you started it, and felt a connection because of my own back injury and because of meeting Lisa in Ithaca at a gathering years ago. I love your blog and the incredible pictures you take and how you make me want to make healthy/eco-friendly choices and bake my own bread and sew my own clothes, even if I never actually get around to doing any of those things...
-Mama Bear

Anonymous said...

The 200,000th visitor would be me!!! I have been reading your blog for several years. You have some interesting topics and some lovely photos.....I really like the photos.

I read because you talk about things that are outside the normal chatter....things that are unique and interesting, and I usually like your perspective.

Thanks for posting your blog regularly!

Kay/The Little Foxes said...

I'm 200002 - a palindrome number! Able was I ere I saw Elba!!! I've been reading your blog since summer 2006, when we first found letterboxing and AQ. Looking forward to many more years of reading and pics!! My friend and fellow letterboxer "t" and I refer to any great nature picture (or potential picture - I have a crummy camera) as a "lisascenic" picture ;-))

Anonymous said...


I was 200,010!

Do I still win a t-shirt or something? I have been reading the blog ever since you told me about it, right after the ACCIDENT. Your early postings dealt a lot with hospital food, as I remember.

I remember sending you emails first before I figured out how to use the blog, and I remember my first email to you guys had to do with accusing Robb of being part Zombie, since he was still moving around (in a hospital bed), yet with deceased doner parts. That actually makes him the first legal Zombie I know.

YOU guys have both come a long way, baby!


The Gillespie Tribe said...

I was 200,022!

I have been following your blog for about as long as I have been boxing... so not quite 3 years? I don't leave comments as much as I probably should, but I love reading about all the quirky parts of your lives =o) And after having met you, for the first time ever I wish either I lived in the Bay area so we could hang out more, or that you would move to Sac (we have some really cool birds here too =o)

Can't wait to see you at my baby shower!!!


Knit Wit said...

Well, I'm visitor 200,020. I've been reading since summer 2006, probably when it first came to my attention on AQ. I always check the new entries when they pop up on AQ and I usually learn something new from you guys, or at least find out something interesting about set design. :-) I'm always glad to hear about the good things that happen and I try to cheer you on (albeit mostly in the background and silently) when you're down. Really hoping to get out to your part of the world one day and see some of the things I've seen through your camera lens with my own eyes.

Mel said...

I'm 200032, and I've been reading since you told me about your blog. We met at Baltimore Opera many years ago, and next month I might attend their bankruptcy auction. Poor old opera... I enjoy reading from afar!

gollygee said...

I'm 200053. I've been reading your blog for 2 1/2 years now! I love looking at your photos, especially of owls! But I also love to see what set design you're working on as well! And hearing about Robb's progress is so interesting. I love reading about BORP too! And you both seem like such cool folks! :)

Ryan said...

I'm number 200,050, and I've been reading the blog since it started. I can't say that I've read EVERY single entry you ever made--I generally don't try to catch up on blog posts if I've been gone on vacation for an extended period of time--but I've definitely read the vast majority of entries even if I usually don't have anything to say. =)

Fluffy Cow said...

200099. How cool.

Anonymous said...

200151 here. I've been with you since the start. Frank and I feel very grateful that we met you before the blog. The essential you/Robb and Lisa haven't changed. I love your introspection, variety of interests, concern for the environment, and your willingness to share with the rest of us. Thank you.


Phillip said...

I am 200211 and I have been reading since you were kind enough to leave a comment on my Flickr site. I am just very sorry I did not get a chance to meet the two of you before I moved from the bay area. I had a stroke in September and a lot of my early recovery resembled Robbs to some extant. I also really enjoy the pictures and miss Coyote Hills every time you put up a new picture from there. It is great to see them though. I think a lot of bay area folks have no idea just how great the regional park system is there until they move someplace without it. The incredible diversity of wildlife at places like Coyote Hills is just about impossible to find elsewhere. So make the most of it and take lots more pictures!


Anonymous said...

200420! That's my lucky number - what an incredible coincidence!

I have been a faithful reader since the beginning. Robb and Lisa, you have been an inspiration to us in addition to being friends and co-boxers. Thank you for sharing your lives with us!
-wassamatta_u (Mark and Katie)

Kim said...

200,578 :)
keep it up darlings

Ladyaero said...

200752...I started reading your blog a couple of years ago, when I was letterboxing relatively regularly with my son and nieces. I guess I keep reading (even though I haven't letterboxed in at least a year) because I love that you guys aren't waiting for a "happily ever after" to somehow show up on the writing of tough times, you seem to be finding the beauty, the inspiration, the humor and the good life in every day.

Anonymous said...

That is a very lucky number for someone who's Chinese (though I'm not all that superstitious for the most part!)

Love your posts on life and things that are really meaningful-nature, rising above challenges, equality, conservation, etc. etc. I've been following this blog since we met at your egg-stravaganza...what a treat!

Thanks again!
: ) ChinaGirl

sowhatwhocares said...

#200948. I have been reading your blog for about a year, I always look forward to your awesome pics, and the occasional side buster (throwing snails over the fence had me laughing for days : )
BTW when is that green day play opening at you theater?

Anonymous said...

I discovered your blog from ravelry. I found myself immediately attracted to your topics of discussion, your lovely nature photos and some similar life situations.I have been reading for a couple of years. Thank you. I am visitor # 201045.

Anonymous said...

I have been away from my computer.
I have been reading your blog for two years or so.
Keep it up it is my very favorite.


Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog for about 2 years now. I stumbled onto it from AQ - one of the titles intrigued me, and I went back and read them all. I don't post often, but your stories about strength and courage never fail to inspire me. You are both amazing, and it's been beautiful reading about how far you've come, and how you continue to overcome daily challenges with love and patience.

And the photographs! Spectacular. We are truly honored that you share your lives with us. Thank you!

~RavenWolf and Samurai Stamper

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure I've read every blog entry you've written. I'm just so afraid I'll miss some fabulous photo or a bit of sage the wisdom you're famous for (in our house at least) if I don't. I think we first met you, Lisa, at the Gold Rush Romp in Sac. I was SO impressed with that black bird you stamped in my log! I know we'd gotten Robb's 'boxes by then but we just can't remember exactly when we met him for the first time. Regardless, we count you both as amazing, talented and interesting people the likes of whom we've not known elsewhere.

Anonymous said...


I get a little behind sometimes, but I'm always happy to catch up with you! I too have read this blog from its first posting, having been fortunate enough to have spent a little time with you and also Robb before the need for this blog arose. I treasure your insights, your sense of humor and optimism, your artistry in all that you do. I'm happy the two of you are in the world and so generously share yourselves with us -- wish we were in the same area so I could feed you more often.



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