Thursday, May 14, 2009

Eagle Scout


I was out on my trike on the Bay Trail again today. There's a ten-mile stretch where I can be found two or three days a week. I think Lisa's a bit bored with it but I'm comforted knowing where all the water fountains, park benches, bathrooms and cafes are.

I also prefer this particular stretch of trail because it is almost entirely separate from traffic. In fact, there is exactly one intersection to negotiate.

Normally, when I'm crossing this multi-lane four-way stop, I get lucky and catch the eye of whichever driver is best positioned to cream me. (My trike seat is about five inches off the ground.) Today there was no such luck. Everybody seemed to be in a trance.

Finally, as I glided tentatively into the intersection, I noticed all eyes turning in my direction. But they weren't looking at me, they were looking above me.

As I reached the opposite sidewalk I looked up and saw a big black crow hovering a few feet above me. I suppose he must have been with me all the way through the intersection. I'm pretty sure a crow had just helped me cross the street. If he gets a merit badge for this, I wonder where he'll put it.

A year ago:
One of Lisa's photos is used as an argument against off-shore drilling by Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey.

Two years ago:
Erica and Chris get married. Lock Wench and Lisa both cry at the wedding.

Three years ago:
A huge sink-hole opens up under Berkeley Repertory Theatre's new scenic studio. You know, the new studio that replaced the one that burned to the ground.


Anonymous said...

Dude, that crow was totally trying to eat you! Actually, if you had something shiny on your bike or on your self, it was probably following you and trying to figure out how to get it for itself.

Also, crows are particularly squalky birds (talkative) and Native American indians considered them the most "shamanistic" of all birds. Supposedly they carry messages from humans to the heaven and back again. What this means for you, I don't know, I just enjoy the many levels of symbolism at play here. Yet sometimes a crow is just a crow! Great story!


gollygee said...

That's so cool that the crow helped you! I'm going to have to tell a friend of mine about this, she's always talking about the crows in the tree outside our window at work. :)


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