Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Erica and Chris get married!


Although the wedding was a little over a week and a half ago, my crazy schedule and lack of internet access have kept me from sharing photos from Erica and Chris' wedding.

Anyone who knows Erica and Chris will not be surprised that their wedding was the perfect expression their love and creativity. Erica and Chris are simultaneously really funny and really smart. They both have an infectious sense of curiosity and a deep moral core. Of course their wedding was as unique and delightful as they are. Erica designed her dress, and spun and knit her gorgeous lace shawl. And Chris made all the rings.

The Buffalo Botanical Gardens were a glorious choice of location, and the weather was perfect.

Every bride needs a gigantic topiary T-Rex to bring good fortune to her marriage, right?

All joking aside, both Cyndie and I bawled our sentimental eyes out at the wedding. There were huge, incandescent smiles and lots of happy tears at the ceremony.

And at the reception there was more of the same. Plus cannoli for wedding cake, handmade origami and music from Sean of the Dead.

I'm only sorry that Robb couldn't attend the wedding, but he certainly sent his good wishes, long distance.

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