Saturday, May 09, 2009



To wash away the ickiness of the previous posting, here's a much more uplifting story.

Major Phil Packer, who was seriously injured in a blast in Basra Iraq in 2008, and who was initially told that he would never walk again just completed the Flora London Marathon. He walked as much as his doctors would allow, two hours a day. Describing the event as a "hard slog," Major Packer walked every day for two weeks.

Major Packer has not let his injuries slow him down. In three weeks, he will travel to California to climb El Capitan in Yosemite.

All of these adventures serve the purpose of raising money and awareness for disabled service personnel, and the greater disabled community. His goal is to raise one million pounds, and he's already three-quarters of the way to his goal.

You can read more about Major Packer at his website.


Anonymous said...

Rock on! Very inspirational, and thanks for posting that here. Military groups noow adays have a far better support rate for their wounded vets then they used to , say, during Vietnam. I'm glad the guy made it and I hope he continues on continuing on. I will look for more info on this guy in the future.


ajt said...

You might be interested in this, too:

it's an article about scuba as therapy for veterans. aaron and i just finished our PADI open-water diver certification this week in Key West.


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