Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hometown Story


Here's a very thoughtful radio story about Robb's hometown, where not so long ago, seven teenagers beat a Latino immigrant to death. Actually, it's about a lot more than that.

Discussing prejudices isn't a comfortable activity, but I really believe that there's nothing more valuable than facing the things we would rather turn away from.


Anonymous said...

"Those immigrants don't speak our language. They smell bad and carry terrible diseases. They have no right to be here. They are taking over our neighborhoods and destroying our culture."

I imagine this conversation around the campfires of the Native Americans after the first Europeans landed.

Grumpy (Frank)

Anonymous said...

Our local high school produced "The Laramie Project" this month, the 'story' about the gay man who was brutally beaten in Laramie, Wyoming and left to die strung up on a fence in 1998. The more these atrocities are made public the more we are educated. Tolerance and understanding comes from education.

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Wow...I was wondering where you were going with that one until I read to the end.

Anonymous said...

I really really hate people who are intolerant!

By the way, my sister Bernice Strand, who lived in Casper, Wyoming had a lot to do with "The Larimie Project". She wrote it or produced it or something. She is very busy so I can't recall what exactly.

I don't know if exposing these crimes makes me more educated about them, or more numb to their shock value. People are really good at being inhuman to each other.

If you want to experience people engaged in peace, however, the Cherry blossom festival in DC is officially on April 1st of this year, and that's no joke.


LunaSea said...

Discussing prejudices isn't a comfortable activity, but I really believe that there's nothing more valuable than facing the things we would rather turn away from.

I agree, though I find it rather sad that all too often, when someone expresses a view contrary to another's dealing with race issues, they're all too often tagged as a racist. I tend to agree with above sentiments like Grumpy's. I adore and appreciate people of all backgrounds, but understand completely the hostility that many feel toward individuals who break the laws of this country by entering in illegally. So long as there is cheap, illegal labor, the jobs those illegal workers fill will never be filled by citizens of this country. Given an option between hiring someone illegally at $5 an hour or a citizen at $10 an hour, it's no big surprise that the citizen will be passed up.
I live in a community largely populated by construction laborers and handy men types. They're facing losing their homes because in this economy especially, all their work is going to the cheaper, illegal labor. So, while I will NEVER condone any act of violence, in this state of growing economic trouble, I'm (very sadly) far from shocked that such acts are occurring.

Sue KuKu said...

"I'm sure we all agree that we ought to love one another and I know there are people in the world that do not love their fellow human beings and I hate people like that!"

Tom Lehrer

Sue KuKu said...

BTW, if you want to see Tom's lyrics to "National Brotherhood Week" (which has some good lines regarding this issue) and other great lyrics from "That Was The Year That Was", check out

One of my all time favorite albums. He makes you laugh and squirm at the same time. . .



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