Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ironic? Or Just Plain Silly?


Robb and I both love the English language. We love its complexity and flexibility.

We spend a lot of time laughing at word play, much to the dismay of our friends.

And we really, really love bizarre uses of the language. Remember "hydroentangled?"

Robb brought home a new hair gel today, because I had been so disconcerted by the the hospital-smell of his last brand. As he was carrying it through the apartment, he just started to giggle.

Rhetorically, Robb asked, "Isn't that a word meaning slovenly and smelly?"


LunaSea said...

Words are so fun. And some people just have a special way with them. Conversing with a friend, she suddenly pipes up with
"What's the word for a stick that's on fire that you hit people with."
She met with blank stares.
"I'm sure there's a word for it... like 'pyrocudgel' or 'conflagrastick'". I could never come up with verbal gymnastics like that.

Anonymous said...


cath said...

There is a restaurant near us that is called the Century House--on the sign under the name it says "unexcelled food". We always giggle as we drive by. What does THAT mean??


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