Monday, March 13, 2006

The English Language... a wonderful thing. But apparently there are some people who think all the words we have aren't sufficient, and feel the need to create some more. (Bear with me here.)

Since Robb has limited mobility, he can't just wander into the bathroom and wash his hands very easily. So we're buying a lot of "wipes."

Robb was pondering the following text:

"Longs (no apostrophe) premoistened washcloths are manufactured using a unique fabric that's been "hydroentangled" (their use of quotation marks and bold text) to create a cloth-like wipe that's super strong, yet soft and gentle."

Moistened. Wetted. Dampened. Soaked. Saturated.

These are all fine words.

But -- really -- hydroentangled? Do we actually need to add this word to our language?


knitica said...

I think hydro-enfused might have been better, as made up words go. It all depends who's in charge, you or the word.

I'm actually more concerned by cloth-like. Is it cloth or not? I mean really.

Lisa and Robb said...

It is a thick, wet paper towel, as far as I can tell....

This is what I think used to be described as "selling the sizzle, instead of the steak."


terri said...

hydro-entagled sounds like you are having an affair in a swimming pool.

Anonymous said...

Yes -- selling the sizzle indeed; it's all about marketing! They discarded the list of the nice words you identified, probably because they thought they sounded too "normal" and did not sound "high-tech" enough. I really am not that much against language evolving, but the rate of new-stupid-word creation that has seemingly risen at an alarming rate lately is a bit annoying!

Fairy Princess Fiona

Lisa and Robb said...



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