Monday, December 01, 2008



Robb and I spent several hours at Arrowhead Marsh, cycling around and looking at the birds. We saw the endangered California Clapper Rail, as well as all the bird watchers who were watching this bird.

The thing about watching birds is that you have to have patience, and you have to leave yourself open to opportunities.

In the case of this gull, I asked Robb if we could stop because the late afternoon light was so perfect, and because the birds were wheeling around and around and around, diving for something-or-other. (Tortillas? Cheese? It certainly was yellow!) Trying to capture a bird in flight is one of those impossible tasks that I keep attempting because I'm more stubborn than sensible. I must have taken a hundred photos of these birds.

This more than makes up for Saturday, when I forgot my camera battery.


The Gillespie Tribe said...

What an awesome photo!


laurie in maine said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a couple of nice comments!!

RE/"... Is it recycled denim and "regular" quilting fabric? Will the edges of the circles fray with time?"

It is recycled jeans & quilters cotton - I experimented with different zig zagged edges - hopefully it keep it from fraying too badly. Time will tell :) Very heavy at 16 X 16 circle rows.

designer info here:

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to your blog.
Thanks for sharing your world with us.

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

This am was my first time to go to your site. First of all, my prayers are with you, second, I enjoyed your photos, comments, and story. Blessings on you both.
CO leterboxer, nature lover and bird watcher.

MLB said...

Fantastic picture Lisa!
Good for you for having the patience to keep trying to get that shot (and other things)



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