Friday, December 05, 2008

Do you see what I see?


Robb and I were each driving home, after working on a soooooper secret -- and rather toxic -- craft project at my shop. (Given the list of ingredients we brought in, my co-workers were pretty much convinced that Robb and I were cooking up a batch of Crystal Meth for the holidays.)

Since Robb had met me after work, we were driving home in separate cars. About half-way home, there's a big new condo complex and last night they had part of their street blocked off. At first, what caught my eye were the huge beautiful lamps, illuminating the crowd.

And then I noticed the Sumi Wrestlers. Quite a crowd of them. Admittedly, a single Sumo Wrestler makes up a pretty decent crowd, all by himself. I think I counted half a dozen.


At night.

In December.

Robb, amazingly didn't notice these gentlemen at all. He was mesmerized by what he later described as Geishas on stilts. (How the heck did I miss that spectacle????)

I swear, we weren't noshing on our afore-mentioned craft project!


cath said...

So funny what different people "see" when they look at the same thing :)

Anonymous said...

Ouch! That looks painful!

As for craft projects, I remember you had made cancelled stamp xmas balls one year. As it so happens, I have a LOT of old stamps right now. Are they worth anything? Or only good for craft projects? I have some from the late 1890's.


Gina said...

Oh, now you've made me so curious about so many things! The "secret poject"...the sumo wrestlers...the geishas on's like one of those 1950s surprise WILL reveal more about all of this in the future, RIGHT?


TaylorM said...

Sounds kind of like the "Gorilla" video...ish


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