Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fast Food


These baby barn swallows are enjoying the best kind of fast food. Both mom and dad were zooming around, hunting flying insects. It was hilarious to watch the nest. When the little ones spotted an incoming parent, they would gape their huge mouths open and stand up as tall as they possibly could.

One bug in one mouth. And zoom! Off the get more food. Swallows aren't also called "swifts" for no reason.

Robb and I saw this happy family at Coyote Hills Regional Park, which we have visited many times before, both prior to and after the accident. Each time since the accident, we took a wheelchair. This time, however, was the first time when getting around the park wasn't a huge ordeal for Robb. He zipped around on his trike, and we had a wonderful day. The bay-side hills were pretty brutal, but we conquered them.

And afterwards, when we were exhausted and ravenous, we enjoyed a delicious Afghan meal in Fremont.

Robb and I never eat fast food.


Kay/The Little Foxes said...

These are great photos!!! We have these guys all over our barn (and you you feel like you gotta watch your head as they zoom in and out - but of course, we've never been hit!). But the barn is so dark that we never get to see great views like this! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What amazing photo, Lisa. I had to laugh at the gaping mouths! But the part I love the most is the parent's tail and the beautiful way it fans out for balance on the nest. The color variations are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I thought the first picture was a big claw sticking out under a pile of dirt! Yikes!!

-Mama Bear of 3Bears

Anonymous said...

I bet those mama birds in that nature park are driven so crazy by their babies that if you and Robb stood by them with your own mouths hanging open, you would indeed also find yourself with a mouth full of "fast food".

We have a nest of 4 tiny baby bunnies in the back yard, looks like this is the year of quads in terms of animal litters. They are very cute, till they go after my garden, then it's war.


ellen said...

Those are lovely pictures. There is a nest right outside my office window, but seldom do I have time to pop out and see them. Thanks for sharing, and reminding me that I really must take a little time out during the day to enjoy those few weeks before the chicks leave the nest.

Anonymous said...

Incredible pix! Please, think about submiting them *somehwere* for publication!
Hey we are looking forward to seeing you and Robb at the Monterey event for your *birthday*!
hmm Iwonder if letterboxes might be found in Coyote Hills..
Suzi of SuziLivvi


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