Tuesday, June 03, 2008

By the Sea


Every single time I do something fun without Robb, I feel horribly guilty. This morning was tide-pooling. Without Robb. Which, he frankly wouldn't have been able to handle. But still.

I feel like a jerk.

We are having a few days of exceptionally low (and high) tides, so I decided to take a vacation day, and go hang out with the squishy invertebrates that live along the water's edge. Robb had planned to come along, but the huge cycling day we had on Sunday plus a terrible night of sleep put an end to those plans.

It was really weird, actually. This morning, Robb was walking as poorly as I've seen him walk, since he came home from the hospital.

Sheri and I left the house before 6am, and were down on the beach before seven. My Flickr buddy John Albers-Mead, who had alerted me to the extreme tides, had been there since six. We all teamed up to see what we could see.

John's photos are amazing. Click here to see them.

Mine are pretty cool, too, but I'm going to spend the sunshine hours cycling with Robb, and post more photos later tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Happy minus tide Lisa! A few months ago, I made it out to Fitzgerald Marine Preserve on a minus tide day and got to go around with a docent. We saw one of those amazing little nudibranchs-- an Hermissenda (sp?)-- truly amazing! Looking forward to the other pictures from your trip; thanks for sharing---



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