Tuesday, May 13, 2008



Things haven't been so easy, lately. Robb has been on edge, and I've been feeling sort of lost. While we've been remarkably even-tempered in the two years since Robb became paralyzed, it was sort of inevitable that there would be a bad patch.

We're trying not not take our frustrations on each other. And, I really need to get some kind of emotional jump start. I'm feeling faded and devoid of energy, far too much of the time. Robb's just angry lately, at things that don't matter. Angry with the cat for not taking her medications, or being too unwell to eat her food. He's probably angry at me for being such a useless slacker.

I know that this is just a bad phase. It is hard to see the person you love more than anyone on earth going through such challenging times. And it is hard to watch myself (in a weird looking in-from-the-outside way, unable to take action) being such an emotional zombie.

I guess that as long as we don't find ourselves living on the sidewalk, consuming goodness-knows-what out of a paper bag, we have a lot to be thankful for.

For those of you not in California, these are California Ground Squirrels, a wide-spread burrowing species. They are very common alongside the shoreline, where we often cycle. These squirrels develop immunity to the venom of rattlesnakes, and mother squirrels have been observed chewing on shed snake skins and licking their babies, in order to disguise the little ones' squirrely-scent.

And dang! They're sweet! Who can be upset with life when looking at these cutie-pies?


Pica said...

Ooof. Hang in there.

When I first came to this job -- a job with a desk with a window onto a "meadow" where California ground squirrels cavort, a job where my coworkers were mostly wildlife veterinarians -- I was told, simply and without fanfare, that California ground squirrels have the largest testicles per pound of any mammal.


cath said...

I hope things get better. The squirrels are cute--especially the ones that are nose to nose--see my recent post for a similar (not nearly as well photographed) sheepy picture. You made me laugh out loud with the paper bag comment followed by the photo.

Anonymous said...

Pica! Shame on you for making me scroll back up to look!

Actually I'm somewhat squirell-a-phobic. That first picture where it's showing it's teeth kinda freaked me out!

Robb & Lisa - hang in there guys... We're pulling for you!


MommaWriter said...

What they don't tell you is that when life hands you lemons, they don't always look like what you expect lemons to look like and it can be really hard to figure out how to make lemonade from them.

Hang in there. Like SandiBox said we're pulling for you...even us virtual strangers.

Love the squirrel shots. I've never taken the time to sit down and really watch the little critters. Seems like I'm usually just praying they don't run out under my car!

(WyndRyders #2)

Anonymous said...

I can mail you some weird dead stuff from Wyoming to cheer you up.

Perhaps Robb could brew it into something. Let him bitch about stuff, he's earned it. However, you also have been putting up with a lot so please be easy on each other. Find a common subject to harp on about, like how much we all hate bush. Man! I get steamed just hearing that name!

Mis-direct any crap into that discussion arena and away from each other and it might help a teeny tiny bit. I'm sorry things have been hard on you two. Please try to be patient with each other. Would you like another cat?


Anonymous said...

PS- Could you please post a picture of the squirrel's testicals for those of us with no shame.


Kristen said...

hehe. squirrel balls.

I get a charge out of your inclination to offset bad news with pictures of happy animals. It may be the blog equivalent of illustrating a Stephen King novel with excerpts from Pat the Bunny but it's very you.

Know that no one faults either of you for your frustrations in this time. If anything, I'm resoundingly impressed at how far your collective sense of humor and positive outlook has taken you.

Oy vey, i've just gotten a cold in the past ten minutes. Splat. Brain like gelatin.

Warm regards.

Anonymous said...

Lisa and Robb...

Because of the accident, your lives have taken on some very special challenges. However, Being married almost 30 years to the same man, I have to say that what you are experiencing.... is totally normal in a totally normal relationship! Ups and downs... for better or worse... You have your special challenges... but some of this stuff is just plain normal....NORMAL... in all relationships! Hang in there.... both of you!


Anonymous said...

You know, after everything that you both have been through, your usual upbeat attitude is almost inhuman. It's ok to be human, to be down, sometimes. Just try to aim the negative energy outside your relationship instead of at each other whenever possible.

Sending good vibes and support your way...

=) Wild Rose

shiloh said...


Don't worry

Have a homebrew.

Martha said...

Should I go back through your blog to see if these down phases have anything to do with lunar phases?

You two are amazing. Really. I think we should all have a Robb and Lisa parade along Merritt Ave.! Scratch that, you wouldn't be there to throw water balloons on us. We would have to have a parade along some amazing nature trail and enlist the birds and squirrels to fly banners and hold balloons. Or maybe the squirrels could hold something else large and round...



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