Saturday, January 05, 2008

Water, Water Everywhere

We are in the middle of a series of storms here which promise to give us about a week of heavy rain and scary wind. Yesterday Lisa and I awoke to a deluge outside, rain coming down in buckets— most of it going sideways at 45 miles an hour. So naturally, I decided to go swimming.

The pool at the YMCA has become like a second home to me. For an hour and a half, three or four days a week I can leave gravity behind: float, walk, swim and feel capable and confident. I've recently discovered the importance of having a physical activity I do well and feel good about. The water is a great equalizer. I can forget all about the things I can't do while on dry land.

I've found no other activity, even cycling, from which I can get an aerobic workout. I've likewise found no other activity which can relieve my muscular spasticity. I always leave there feeling hopeful, exhilarated and completely exhausted.

Now I just wish I could feel as positive about this rain.


The Gillespie Tribe said...

I don't know about you, but here we would not even have to leave our backyard to go swimming. We ended up with quite the pool in our backyard after the storm... one we never intended to have... and it is still raining. My DH and I spent a lot of time out in the rain and wind getting soaked trying to dig a trench from our backyard down the side of the house and down our front lawn in attempts to drain the back yard since all the drains in the lawn clogged up and stopped working. I am very sore today and I hope I don't have to go back out and do that again any time soon.

Hope all the other Cali boxers are doing well!


Eclipse said...

I'm an avid swimmer; when I was able, I swam about a mile to a mile and a half a week. I'm not thin or even fit but it always left me feeling healthy and capable.

I still can't walk for now, but I have started pool therapy at the hospital. It seems like such cake when I'm in the water but when I get home, BAM, I'm wiped and only good for napping. But I know exactly what you mean about feeling capable when in the water and leaving your limitations behind. It's a wonderful, freeing feeling. Gravity is such a drag!

Here's hoping the water continues to help us both and facilitates our return to mobility on land, too!

Tere said...

That is Marvin! I haven't been to Craftster in so long...I really should get back into posting there. Thank you for the comment, I'll be sure to relay it to Marvin as I'm sure he'll be very flattered that you remembered him from so long ago :)
Have a good day and take care,

Anonymous said...

Well, if you guys are getting as much rain there as we have heard about, you are probably able to trot all over town lately! Watch out you don't get washed away!

By the way, our place is situated on the edge of a flood plain, and we have water problems of our own when it rains really heavily. I really don't have the right mindset for appreciating all this water. Perhaps we should all just join Homer Simpson in his desire to live under the sea!



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