Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Formal Thank You

One of the twenty five organizations that are part of the Oiled Wildlife Response Network, and who participated in rehabilitating oiled birds after the Cosco Busan spill is Sea World in San Diego.

Sea World is owned by Anheuser Busch.

There is a huge Anheuser Busch brewing plant just down the road from the International Bird Rescue Research Center, which is where they hosted the volunteer appreciation event that I attended today.

Sea World even flew up some of their "Animal Ambassadors." In fact, they sent the same species of penguin that IBRRC is helping to save at an oil spill in Argentina, right now. (Do click on this last link! The video of diminutive penguins being released into the wild is astonishingly adorable.)

I was telling Robb about all this, and our conversation went along these lines:

"They sent a penguin to a party?!? Wasn't he over dressed?"


"He must have been so embarrassed."


"I'm sorry, what were you trying to tell me?"

Laughter. "Nothing. I have nothing to add to this conversation."


Ron Sullivan said...

You can tell Robb that the penguin is a she. I'm not sure how that skews the formal-dress question, though.

Good to see you!

boodely said...


Anonymous said...

Hm, was the penguin drunk on Anheiser Busch products?

Did you guys drink beer from a competing brewery? Does Anheiser Busch have an opening for Robb as a beer mime? When I drink too much I do a pretty good imitation of a drunk mime falling down.

Annalisa and Gary

PS- We are writing a zombie story and there are no penguins in it. Yet. Creepy, eh?

Marg said...

I found this post most amusing!

love the cutie girly penguin-off to watch video now

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your grandma. We hope you are feeling better!

The other Lisa

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunt Lisa and Uncle Robb
Hope to see you soon.
Love you Megan

Anonymous said...

ok that penguin release video made me WEEP!! How awesome- the work that all of the volunteers around the world do. kind of renews my faith in the human race!

and Lisa, so sorry to hear about your grandmother. what a beautiful picture though, her spirit leaps off the photo! bet she was proud of you, all the things you do!

love to both of you,


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