Saturday, December 29, 2007

A new job for Robb?


A while back, Robb met with a vocational counselor whose task it was to assess Robb's employability. One of the things that came out of this meeting was a rather entertaining list of potential job.


The fact that Robb has to lay down repeated throughout the day, makes employment a bit tricky. Additionally, Robb walks best when waist deep in warm water, and cannot pick things up off the floor without using some kind of a grabby-stick tool.

So, for a while, we were pondering the options of having Robb become an Amazonian field biologist, preferably with loads of assistants.

But then we saw an interesting documentary about the Greek Sponge Divers in Tarpon Springs Florida, and we realized that this could be the perfect job. Robb could walk -- slowly -- along the bottom of the tropical ocean, and use his long handled rake to harvest sponges. I could sell the sponges to all of my scenic and decorative painter buddies. And we could be working in nature.

Since sponge diving is very dangerous, and lots of the divers become paralyzed by the bends, Robb would fit right in with all the old diver guys.

What do you think? Should we move to a sponge diving community and buy a little boat?


Anonymous said...

Ahoy..OMG! that is so perfect. you could probably sell the sponges for gobs of $$ to your painter friends. but if you got in good with those Blackhawk/Danville interior decorators/faux painter people you guys would be zillionaires.

and needs some sponges come to think of it

Gothknits said...

Finally we'd be able to get good scenic sponges. What are you guys waiting for? :D

shiloh said...

If you do can I come stay a weekend with you?

I'd love to get back into SCUBA,I still have all my equipment.


Kristen said...

only if he gets to wear the awesome 19th century helmets and hoses. otherwise, what's the point?

. . . Lisa and Robb . . . said...

Well, of course, Kristen!

Style is everything, after all!

Anonymous said...

I think just wear the suit around town right now!

Start a new fashion trend and make everyone start donning those suits as regular work-wear. You could paint sets while wearing one of those and prevent paint from getting on your clothes!

Walking in water, in nature, and picking up things with a grabby stick actually sounds a lot like what a scientific or wildlife inspector does, they have a test tube attached to a stick they put down in the water so as to take a sample by not disturbing the sediment around it. And of course, getting to lie down a few times a day qualifies Robb for bed testing at a factory.

Hm, both sound like a good fit. Also it sounds like he is qualified to walk on the moon as well, especially in one of those suits.


Linda M said...

Tarpon Springs is a VERY artsy community. You will fit right in.
Just promise to wash the sand out of the sponges!

Lynne Rutter said...

saw that documentary the other night as well! brilliant idea.

love the list of occupations, too.


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