Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Little Perspective


Robb's parents have been visiting, and I think they must be totally delighted to see how well Robb is doing. Hearing about Robb's fantastic attitude and his incredible discipline is one thing, but experiencing it first-hand is another.

We've been enjoying some beautiful California weather, and on Saturday went out to Napa Valley to Wine Country. (Thank you, Amanda, for your great advice!)

As much as I love unspoiled nature, I've always enjoyed the patterns that regularly planted crops create. I love driving past cornfields, and seeing all the alleys between the rows. The Robert Mondavi winery was very pleasing, visually.


Music Woman said...

I went to the Robert Mondavi Winery about six years ago. I absolutely loved it! I took the three hour tour which went through the vines, and then had a private tasting in the private dining room. Oh La La! Divine!!!!

Anonymous said...

I so agree! My grandparents live in Sonoma County, and I love it when we go out there and drive through the grape fields. Isn't it hypnotic?


Ron Sullivan said...

The swans and cranes and geese and ducks are in the Delta, if they're up for another trip. Woodbridge Road, where the official sanctuary is, and the Cosumnes River Preserve were wonderful a couple of weeks ago.

When I win the lottery I'm going to endow a restroom at the Woodbridge Road spot.

I'm glad the visit is going well. You deserve it.


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