Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Everyone Gets an "A" Today!


Now that his parents have gone home, Robb is busy again with his intense self-imposed schedule of physical therapy. Generally, he works in the pool and cycles, but while his parents were here he did much more walking. As it turns out, walking -- particularly in large crowds -- does not suit him right now.

I, on the other hand, am supposed to be taking it easy. Everything I read about recovering from Hepatitis A recommended bed rest, which I immediately dismissed as "being for people in the Nineteenth Century." What I'm realizing is while I can push myself beyond my current levels of energy, I really shouldn't. Over-exerting myself is potentially damaging to my liver, and I need to give myself permission to slow down.

I'm going to be working half days, but yesterday was a pretty full day. The nurses from Alameda County's Board of Health visited the shop and interviewed all the staff. If I had to hear the phrase "fecal-oral contamination" one more time, I thought I was going to crawl under the lunch table and die.

The day ended in a pretty entertaining manner, with all of the scenic artists and Robb going down to a county clinic (which primarily dealt with STDs) and getting blood tests and immune-booster shots. Since I was responsible for this whole rigamarole, I went along to keep everyone company. I tell you, my co-workers won't be forgetting the experience of working with me, anytime soon!

We actually had a very amusing time, cracking jokes for a two solid hours. I figure, that as long as I keep everyone laughing, they can't get too mad at me. But man-oh-man, this is not the sort of thing they prepare your for in Art School!


Anonymous said...

Lisa, So sorry to hear of this very unexpected illness of yours. Hope you are feeling better and you can put this behind you soon.

Paul & Zulay

Anonymous said...

Is your new mantra: Be a Clown, Be a Clown and leave 'em laughing? How great that you can see all the humor in this.

Grumpy Grinch

Ron Sullivan said...

Sounds like a great workday. OK, no. Don't go feeling all guilty about your co-workers though; for all you know, one of them might have given hep to you. Seriously, it's the virus, not you. (In general, it's the parasites' world; we just live in it.)

And listen to Big Nurse here: Yes you need to take it easy. You know what taking it easy feels like? Well take it easier than that. Think of it as an investment, because if you overdraw now you'll be paying for it later. Eat, sleep, drink lots of water. Sleep some more. Don't fuck with your liver. (Block that metaphor!) When it starts going, it takes everything else down with it in a most unpleasant fashion.

Plus, as you can see from Robb's experience with those drugs he's taking now, you never know when you'll need it to work overtime for you.

OK, that's all from Big Nurse.

PS, FWIW: I've never heard of organic produce as a Hep A vector. E. coli maybe, but even that's pretty damned rare.

Lisa said...

Thank you, Ron. (And thank Big Nurse for me, too.)

Anonymous said...

Hey howdy--
Just had to chime in here now that I am catching up-- I second everything Big Nurse says--- especially about things being most unpleasant when the liver goes bad. Please do take it easy.

Reading up on your adventures the last few days made me suddenly recall a couple trips I got to make to the DPH in Los Angeles when I was a little kid. As I recall, my uncle (who had a most inconvenient habit of "sampling" all the little kids' food at these events-- this included me and my 2 dozen cousins!!) contracted hepatitis sometime before a family get together but became ill only afterward. All I remember is waiting forever in line with the lot of them to get a butt load of intramuscular gamma globulin-- a really huge painful shot!! I think I dodged the bullet(the virus), but I don't think things were organized well enough where they documented it or not... Golly, I'd forgotten all about that until just now...

Anyhow, please take care and listen to your body-- If there is any good news to be had here, you are "lucky" to have contracted the "good" kind of hepatitis-- self limited, and though lingering (forever it seems...), generally without sequelae in the healthy and fit like yourself!

(a new baby doctor fan of Big Nurse!)

Anonymous said...

Hm, well, going to the health clinic for a disease called Hepatitus A is better then going to a hospital because of a work-place related shooting. Hm, perhaps I HAVE spent too much time in Detroit!

At least it's a known disease and not something that will be named after you. How horrible to be known for wearing black all the time and then only be remembered for being yellow!

Your friend is right, you definately need to rest up, that means spending all of your weekends and evenings sleeping or resting in bed. Period. Don't take any chances with a disease that WILL damage you. Shows come and go, but you only came with one liver, ok? Have Robb go to the library to get you books to read, or even books on tape, so you can listen to them as you lie in bed. I reccommend getting some boring British novel about the moors, they always put me to sleep right away. Drink lots of tea, get some tapes of ocean waves to put you to sleep, and dream of water. Try not to pee in your sleep.


Gothknits said...

Don't make me fly out there and tie you to the couch.

Cellissimo said...

Get well soon! I also suffered through Hep A, thanks to food poisoning. Take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Good to hear that Robb is taking care of himself, too.


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