Thursday, October 04, 2007

We're Ready To Ride!

So, the big BORP fundraising ride is in two days, and we're so excited! Ellen is here from Minnesota, to ride with us. (In fact, we're meeting all the members of our team for lunch today.)

When Robb first started cycling after his spinal cord injury, he could only go for about five minutes, and then his body would just give out. Blog readers know that last weekend we finally did the entire distance of the ride we signed on for. At the time that we signed up to ride twenty five miles, all Robb was capable of riding was half that distance. And this past week, he's done over twenty five miles, twice. You have no idea how much this means to us!

Part of this was due to the fact that his recovery is progressing, and part of it was sheer stubbornness. We were going to prove to ourselves and all the people who supported us that we could do this ride.

At the end of the ride, I'm not going to feel any less of a sense of accomplishment than the folks who rode a century (hundred miles) that day! And all of the people who rode the ten mile ride? They're gonna feel great about their accomplishments, too.

Think of us this Saturday, won't you?


Ryan said...

Good luck with the ride! =)

Gina said...

I'll be there in spirit, pedaling at your side. . . good luck and enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Our thoughts, prayers, best wishes and love are with you and all those who are involved in Saturday's BOPR ride. We are so proud of the achievements of both of you.
Love, Mom and Dad B.

peace balance said...

Rock on. Know you'll do well.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes!

and remember to HAVE FUN!!

Love to you both!

Team Springamajack

Anonymous said...

As you are biking, we will be shoveling Alpaca Manure. Every shovelful will be done in the spirit of thinking of your revolutions. Peddle, shovel. Peddle, shovel. Together we are making the place a better place. And when you get tired, take a lie down on the nearby ground, cause I sure as heck AINT!


colormecynical said...

best wishes to y'all. i think i'll hit the bikes in the YMCA tomorrow to be there with you in spirit...without going anywhere. in air conditioning. but hey. c'mon, today we had 93% humidity. we do our best down here.

Anonymous said...

You guys rock!! I was going to call you tonight but worried you might be resting up your i'll just say a novena for you and call you over the weekend. Love ya!!

Lock Wenchie

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys--Good luck to your team! While you ride, I'll be walking with my high school son and a dozen of his buddies for the American Cancer Society Walk for Life--- we are "Spartans Against Cancer" (they just finished studying this period in their World History class...)-- I'll think of you on my laps-- can't wait to hear how it all goes--
All the best to you--

Anna (lots of kids!)

Mom/Bobbie and Diana said...

We're so proud of you both! Just getting to this point has taken so much work, determination, and perserverance. Our thoughts are with you! Best Wishes and good luck.

Mom/Bobbie and Diana

Fauxho said...

Lisa & Rob,

Its the big day...Ma is quite profound. You are both inspirations and mentors...

You have given this your all as I am sure you do everything in your life and it shows. It makes me proud to know that we could be a part of something that took the extremely negative and turned it into such a positive experience for everyone involved...You have the love and support of the whole Faux Family behind you...We love your conviction your dedication your spirit and most of all we love you.

Enjoy the day..Enjoy your new friends..and most of all enjoy the experience!..Fauxho

BobbieESOL said...

Great, happy pictures! Congratulations! Can't wait to read the details.


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