Thursday, September 13, 2007

I could have told you that!


According to a recent poll, 8o's television icon MacGyver was the fictional hero most people would prefer to have at their side in the case of an emergency. He beat out Indiana Jones, John McClane (Bruce Willis in the Die Hard films), James Bond, Jason Bourne, Lara Croft and Jack Bauer.

I wouldn't argue with any of these. Friends of Robb know that he's a natural MacGyver. He's brilliant, resourceful and nonviolent. And as far as what haircut he might have been sporting in the 80's? Who knows? The book on 80's fashions is best left closed.

And the others?

Let's just say that a quick bit of snogging with James Bond is not worth ending up dead and naked two scenes later.


night writer said...

lisa, where did you get that pic? if he'd had that in his pocket he wouldn't have been able to walk!

and as far as snogging, I'd rather snog macgyver than any of the other guys anyway. much cuter and better looking as he ages, too...

Gina said...

I'm with you all the way on this one (though my heart still beats fast and quick for that dear icon of spy-candy, Sean Connery -- the only REAL Bond).
Creative ingenuity has real sexy staying power!

Now that I think about it, you may have helped me stumble apon the perfect role model on which to focus as the big birthday approaches. Which begs the question:

"What would McGyver do?"


P.S. And, oh yea, I have a vague recollection of Robb's hair not toooo long after the 80s. What'll you pay me to keep the info to myself?

Anonymous said...

That's between you and Robb, my dear.

Anonymous said...

Hey, who needs McGuyver when you've got duct tape?

McGuyver was THE hit show in late 1990's when I was living in the Middle East. There's nothing like a blonde infidel showing millions of people on TV how to make a bomb out of toilet paper, toothpaste and suspenders.

That knowledge gleaned from that TV show never proved to be helpful in any of the situations I was in. But I sure could have used some of Robb's beer on those stress-filled days!


Syndee said...

Hey, I may actually have a picture of Robb's 80's hair somewhere in the archives of my high school memoirs. :)

Dagonel the Pirate said...

Night Writer;
The picture is of the Swiss Army Knife Collector's Edition. It has all 85 tools ever offered, weighs 3 pounds and sells for $1200!
-- Dagonell the Pirate

Steve, Christa & Emily said...

I would have to say that while MacGyver was certainly useful in many situations, I would take Jason Bourne if the chips were down and my life was on the line, not to mention, the guy can drive!

shiloh said...

I'd love to have that knife...:)

Anonymous said...

My Golden Retriever is named McGyver! What does that tell you?


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