Monday, July 23, 2007



This past weekend I had another reminder of the tremendous support Lisa and I have received over these last 18 months. On Friday, we met, for the first time, still more readers of this blog when Lisa hosted a studio tour for visiting muralists and decorative painters. On Sunday, we got to spend time with members of the Bay Area letterboxing community as we bid farewell to Hunter and Cara (DemXXMen-- Portland, here they come!).

It still surprises me when I meet someone new or catch up with an old friend and find they've been reading these pages and already know so much about our situation. Each time it happens, though, I'm struck by their caring and kindness. It really has sustained us knowing that somewhere out there somebody knows what we're going through, understands, sympathizes or is just getting a kick out of our goofy exploits.

I was recalling the other night how when I was in the hospital reading cards and blog comments, opening care packages and letterboxes, eating home cooked meals delivered to my bedside, hanging out with friends and family, I was filled with a feeling of well being–– no, bliss. It was as if all the positive thoughts and feelings out there were having a direct, physical effect on me.

I will never forget that feeling and I have you to thank you for it. Even if you've never posted a comment, you're still making that hit-counter move every day (63,000 and counting) and letting us know somebody out there is listening.


The Gillespie Tribe said...

You guys are amazing and I can't wait to finally get a chance to chat with you in person!


Anonymous said...

Had such a good time on Sunday too. What a lovely photo of Hunter and Cara! I'm gonna miss Dem XX Men's antics--- Lucky Portland Boxers... I guess they're on their way right now as I type.

Bon Voyage and happy trails to Dem XX Men--


Anonymous said...

I am late in getting back to you two re: Bush's colon search. I HEARD FROM TWO RELIABLE MDs that they actually did find his head there but upon further probing determined it was empty.

The two MDs are on the tube daily on FOX NEWS

Anonymous said...

Hey... I am here...tap me!


Anonymous said...

aw, shucks!

It's good you have so many hits on your blog, yours is the only non-porn one I view that has that many hits!



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