Monday, July 30, 2007

Back in the Saddle Again


After weeks of being held hostage by the dog kennel project, I finally was able to spend a fun weekend with Robb. I did some much needed housework, not to mention some all-important lazing around, and then we loaded up the bikes and headed out for a ride.

Somehow, we completely failed to find the portion of the Bay Trail that we sought. Instead, we cycled through the suburbs of San Mateo County, along the shores of some vast canal or lagoon thingamajig. Despite how closely together the houses were packed, there was a surprising amount of wildlife to be seen. Above is a snowy egret, sporting lovely mating plumage. (Robb alerted me to this fine fellow by shouting "Hairdo! Hairdo!") Next is a lesser yellowlegs, and below that is a jackrabbit (for Erica).

I didn't end up uploading all my photos, and I lay the blame at the feet of that prickly pear margarita that accompanied my dinner. (Hey, a girl needs a night off, from time to time.)

Sunday was the Berkeley Kite Festival. We met up with Kara and our letterboxing friend Barbara for a glorious day in the sun and wind. Robb too his trike, and the rest of us walked. (Coincidentally, we were spotted by another letterboxing friend Kathy, who just happened to be on the highway at the exact moment we were crossing over the pedestrian bridge. Can't miss that trike!)

It was a challenging day for Robb. He has been experiencing a lot of back pain, so he had to take a lot of rest breaks. Both Kara and Barbara have gone through serious recoveries, so they were entirely empathetic.

It is always nice, going out with friends. I get to range a bit further from Robb than I normally do when we are out alone. I suspect this sounds really strange, but I'm uncomfortable wandering off when it is just the two of us. Actually, Robb often wanders when I'm trying to photograph birds. Either he needs shade, or he needs to keep his muscles moving, or he's just bored out of his mind. Somehow, when he wanders I don't worry, but I don't like to be the one leaving his side.

Barbara brought a couple of kites, which she shared with the rest of us. I can't remember the last time I flew a kite. When Kara had her turn at the kite, Robb needed to lay down (back pain) so she flew the kite while sitting in his trike next to the picnic bench he was using as a bed. It was all very cozy.

I was very inspired by this gorgeous kite. It was gigantic and delicate. I loved it, and am idly dreaming of making a kite of my own. (My sewing skills stink, for the record, and my backlog of projects is as long as my arm.) Something so nice about the idea of a kite.

I'll post more kite festival photos throughout this week.


Anonymous said...

wow those pictures are awesome. The birds are georgeous and despite not finding the right trail , what you did find was amazing. Love the pictures of the kits too, and the last one with the man does let you see in perspective just how large it is. Very nice Lisa.


Anonymous said...

Don't know which I like better, the wildlife photos or the kite pictures. Fabulous and inspiring, the lot of them! Thanks for sharing.

Susan (Grinch)

Anonymous said...

Oh goody, goody-- Just what I was hoping for!!!! The first thing I thought when you mentioned you were going to that kite festival was, "Pictures, pictures!!!!" Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful event with your wonderful vision (via camera!!)

Can't wait for more!


Anonymous said...

I met a kite maker once who told me she used Tyvec material to make her kites very strong. She used to fly them off the bridges in Chicago, so those really did have to be pretty tough.

Now when I look at the photo of that very awesome kite on your blog, I am wondering, do you or your friends know where there is a place I could possibly download a pattern for a kite I could make myself? We have 2 old sewing machines- they have foot-rocking pedles for god's sake- but they still work like a charm as they are ancient and made from cast iron. I'd love to make a different sort of kite myself if I could only get a pattern!

Ps- When you say in your blog you are afraid to leave Robb out of your sight, you start to sound slightly stalker-ish. If he hasn't managed to fall off the earth and dissappear yet, I bet he's starting to do better.


Eclipse said...

I had a wonderful time at the festival with you all yesterday! I'd be happy to come back over anytime with my kites and a cooler of beer, and kill an afternoon soaking up the sun with kites in the air with you guys.

Annalisa, building kites can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be! Some basic googling turned up which is a huge list of links to instructions to build many, many kinds of kites. I also found which seems to stock everything you would need to build a kite, as well as having forums, photos, and lots more. Those should be enough to get you started, but a google search for "patterns sew kites" also turned up and many other links, if you need more. Happy kitemaking!


Anonymous said...

After looking at your blog so many times, I have to ask.... do you seek the birds you take pictures of or do you just happen to see them all the time... or are you like Snow White and they come to you? There's just so many different kinds of birds and bees that it simply amazes me that you find them and get the pictures!
The pictures always seem to be beautiful and I get a feeling that it must have been extremely peaceful when you got the shot.
Best wishes to both of you!

knitica said...

Thanks for the jackrabbit! He's great and looks very strong and fast.


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