Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Manhattan and Brooklyn


I worked my last day on the Eurydice project at the theater, instead of in the scene shop. After all this effort, it was nice to see the show finally coming together.

That's looking up the one of the walls that we covered with all of those hand-dyed letters. The entire set slants, which is wonderfully uncanny.

Once I had finished my work call, I met up with my sister and her family in Brooklyn. We had a lovely afternoon, and the following day we went out to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. It really was a perfect spring day.

The flowers were blooming, and the photographers were springing up in the most unexpected places. That's Neil.

And this is Lindsay, making her contribution the the art of photography.

Martha and I also stopped by the Brooklyn Museum, to see the Devorah Sperber exhibit. Because we have so much in common, Martha knew that this artist's work would strike a note with the art-geek-magpie in me. She uses spools of thread, which she suspends on chains in the gallery. When a viewer looks at these through an optical globe, the image is flipped upside-down (or right-side-up, depending on one's point of view) and reduced in size.

Seen through the globe, hundreds of spools of thread become a copy of a masterpiece from art history. Brilliant!


Ryan said...

Those spools of thread are SOOO cool! =)

Anonymous said...

Sperbers work is incredible!!

If anyone is interested you can Google her website... she doesn't just use thread but some other great ideas for her "take' on pointalism...


Anonymous said...

That artist is just sick. And obsessive. All those spools of thread makes me wanna go to her exhibit and steal some for my next quilt.



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