Sunday, December 10, 2006

all is calm, all is bright

If you are Robb's case manager,
avert your eyes, NOW!!!!

What follows is supposed to be a surprise!

I have been trying to get a few xmas presents made, but I have decided that due to the current situation in our lives, this is going to be a very low-key holiday season. Robb can't handle the frenzy of holiday shopping, and to be honest, I can't stomach the thought of pulling off a traditionally huge Christmas, singlehandedly.

I spent the better part of yesterday working on what I hope will be our presents. Making art to order is always a bit daunting. Let's hope that this project turns out well, and isn't a hideous fiasco.

Otherwise, I have been trying to finish the gloves for Robb's case manager. Mister Firdusi was keeping a watchful eye on my progress.

These have taken me much longer than I would have expected. Part of this is that I'm just a bit scattered in my focus, lately. And part is that I'm making this pattern up as I go. It is based on another knitter's adaptations of a sock pattern. However, the other knitter didn't offer many clues about her process, so I'm winging it.

The double-pointed needles look like something from Edward Scissorhands, don't they?


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!! Please write up the pattern, so your scattered (with no excuse for being scattered) sister can knit them on auto-pilot.


wassamatta_u said...

Ok, being a moronic guy (I know, that's redundant), I at first thought "yeah, ok, knitting gloves, nice, whatever." Then I saw the pic. WOW!!! Those are AMAZING! They are the warm handwear equivalent of the Chrysler Building! Truly impressive, you never cease to amaze.

Anonymous said...

The gloves are absolutely amazing and you have more skill than most.
As for the holiday season, while I am much older than you all, know that the reason for the season is about sharing with people you love...and not about all the fluff, the presents and the parties. It's about the simple things and knowing that it can all change in a moment. We all need to appreciate what we have and enjoy one another.
Merry Christmas to you both.

Anonymous said...

I WANT the pattern! Being that money is a wee bit tight, please don't make me buy a ticket to California to hunt you down to get it. ;-)

I second the motion that you write it up *when you get the time*. Ha, ha!

They are stunning. Well done!

Knit Wit

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa, your photo of your kitty looks exactly like our new kitten, Buster. I always feel slovenly in front of her, as she is always wearing formal dinner dress (think tuxedo) when I see her.

Was your cat insane when she was a wee bit of fur? Buster chews on my hair, so when I wake up in the morning she greets me with a mouthful of my ponytail. Nice knowing I don't have to get old in order to go bald.

Signed, love and hairballs- Annalisa

Anonymous said...

Lisa...that color does highlight the pattern more. Wise choice my friend. She will be thrilled!

knitica said...

Oh man, they look great! And very styly too. I think you need a pair in black koigu. I don't see any trouble, so whatever ripping you may have done was well worth it! So glad to see you knitting again, that's the best indication that you're doing well.

Great mitts!

Kath said...

That glove is beautiful! I hope you post pics when it's done!

Happiest Holidays!

Anonymous said...

I just now thought of something.. Don't you guys live in California? Where it is really really warm?

Here in Michigan we already had snow the first week of October. I think the gloves are beautiful, but I can't see when you guys in "warm weather world" would ever have the chance to wear them. Whats the coldest it gets there- 60 degrees? Whoever gets the gloves, wear them with pride, and feel some sympathy for those of us in 20 below zero weather!

By the way, Gary and I are going to go snowshoing this winter, if we don't come to our senses first. It gets so cold here in the winter that people plug heaters onto their car engines. Also, this X-mas makes four years since Gary stopped smoking. He thinks I'm making him go snowshoeing to punish him somehow, when instead he wants to be rewarded by becoming a winter couch potato.

Robb should count his blessings, I'd have him strapped to a dog sled if you guys were out here this year! That is still an option if you guys are interested...I'm serious. Consider it after drinking several of Robb's beers, eh?


Anonymous said...

Those are AMAZING! -Sten


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