Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Delightful Weekend

Saturday was a quiet day for us. Robb has been having a lot of trouble with muscle spasticity, where his muscles clench up and don't release. This is painful and exhausting, and has been the norm these days. Although this wears him out, he actually has a lot more energy than he used to. We choose to take this as a good sign.

On Saturday morning, we met with one of our letterboxing friends at the farmers' market for a cup of coffee. John is the Old Blue half of DoubleSaj & Old Blue. They are a wonderful couple, who created special letterbox as a get well gift for Robb when he first came home from the hospital.

The rest of the day was spent resting (Robb) and attempting to clean up the apartment (me and the robotic vacuum). I need some help hauling things down the stairs. We're drowning in items that need to go to the Goodwill.

I had to stop by the theater Saturday night for a meeting with the scenic designer, so Robb and I made an outing of it, and followed the meeting with dinner at a Thai restaurant. Robb also got to say "hi" to a number of our Berkeley Repertory Theatre friends, who were working the technical rehearsal.

Sunday was gloomy and overcast, but we decided not to be put off by that and set off for the Bay Trail. The marsh plants were a spectacular color, and migrating waterfowl are starting to arrive. I think this little dude might be a Sanderling. The little shorebirds, known to birders as "peeps" are very difficult for me to identify.

Robb rode his wheelchair, and I took my bicycle. I'm much faster than Robb, so we amused ourselves by having him hook his cane around my seat and hitch a ride. Robb needs both hands to propell the wheelchair in a straight line, and holding onto the cane occupied one of his hands. So I dragged one hundred and seventy pounds of Robb, plus twenty five pounds of chair. I suspect that I'll be sore tomorrow!

Despite the lack of sun, we had a nice time out. Robb replaced a letterbox of his that had gone missing, and I gawked at the shorebirds. These are Eurasian Wigeons. A very pretty bird. (Sorry about the duck butt view.)

I also ascertained that my San Leandro letterbox is snug and dry (unlike this Marbled Godwit.)

When we got home, we cooked a lovely dinner, and made bread pudding for the first time. Not a bad weekend, huh?


shiloh said...

I suspect that ducks are like cats the way they know just when to turn their butts to the camera.

I'm glad to hear that Robb is gaining more strength and energy.


Anonymous said...

Love the photos once again!
SP in NS

Anonymous said...

This blog keeps getting better and better. At this rate in a year, GOOGLE will offer you $1.5 billion dollars!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa and Robb-

I suspect you pulling Robb in his wheelchair by bike is a good way for you guys to do the Ragbrai bike convoy in the summer. A pie-fueled towing extravaganza is what it will be. Robb can hang onto the cane with one hand and wave to people as you gracefully breeze by all others, I can see it already! Make sure he uses the Queen Elizabeth closed finger wave to add a bit of class. You will have a bike butt like no other, I suspect. Make sure you put lots of pinwheels on both your and Robb's wheeled vehicles of choice, for that extra bit of glam.

So I assume the fever episode has cleared up? Glad you guys got out for a bit.


Anonymous said...

I want to know why I can't see myself when I look into your mirror?


Anonymous said...

Your first photo, "image within an image, mirroring an image" is wonderful! I've always been amused by two elephants hooked up, tail to trunk but I think you and Robb in tandum needs to be photographed for us all to see.


Lisa and Robb said...

Yeah....We couldn't find anyone to take our picture when I was towing Robb. We were laughing too hard, and I think the joggers were a little afraid of us!

Anonymous said...

Just run those joggers over if they wont oblige by taking your photo! If they swerve away and you don't get a good hit with your bike, Robb can certainly get them on his turn, and poke them with his cane for good measure. This is only to be done if they really make you crazy.

PS- Gary told me that letterboxing groups are actually also a secret society of FreeMasons. All those clues you guys put in your work are actually part of an effort to find the holy grail. I had no idea that letterboxinghad such an illustrious history!


Anonymous said...

Drat! You've found us out.

The only thing to do now is recruit and indoctrinate you or else discredit your crackpot theory. Hmmm. Yes.



Anonymous said...

You can recruit me if Robb gives me one of his home brews.



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