Sunday, October 08, 2006

Adventures in Cowtown

Saturday we went to another letterboxing event in Vacaville. By letterboxing standards, this was a mid-sized event, but from my point of view, it was the perfect size. The letterboxing community has been wonderfully supportive of Robb during his long recovery, but much of that contact tends to be online. It was really sweet to spend time with our letterboxing friends. Hunter and Cara were especially kind in allowing us to hitch a ride with them. And of course, they continued to amaze and amuse us with their letterboxing creativity.

The quality of the letterboxes at this event was exemplary. Ciphers, hilarious story-based clues, brilliant hiding spots, delightful imagery.... We didn't find many of them, but that's fine. What we did do was cover a lot of terrain.

We had the wheelchair (thanks again Hunter and Cara), and Robb also brought along his trekking poles. Combining the two methods of locomotion, we were able to do something rather close to hiking. Robb observed that in a lot of ways, letterboxing is the perfect outdoor activity for him, right now. It involves goal-oriented walking, followed by well-earned periods of sitting down.

Both Robb and I were having camera (battery) troubles yesterday, so I failed to capture any images of Robb hiking along the trails. It was really impressive how well he is doing with this. Considering that eight months ago, he was flat on his back in the hospital, barely able to move, the fact that he was hiking fills me with unspeakable happiness.

(For those keeping track, that's Kathy of Team Tysonosaurus, Hunter of Dem XX Men, and Carol of Da Kool Kats pictured in the photo above. Also, for all you non-Californians, note the fact that the grasses are all dry and golden. We only get rains during the fall and winter months, so this is what summer looks like to us.)

I somehow failed to take any photos of people prior to the camera melt-down, but here are a few of the avian denizens of this park.

Turkey Vultures

Double Crested Cormorants

And a small part of the resident flock of domestic geese


Gramatrick said...

Why am I not surprised that you got mainly birds, and not so much the PEOPLE? Only question, where are the flowers? Or the weird scat? Or something else suitably Lisascenic-intriguing?

Anyway, glad you got out and had fun. Always thinking of you!


Anonymous said...

Wish I could have made it...was *this* close...but I hope to make the trip very soon anyway!
Cant wait to finally meet you guys!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Gary and I went to a few nature centers this glorious weekend- first time in weeks it wasn't cold and raining- we are getting some full-on fall color here at last.

I'm glad you guys got to be with your letter-boxer friends- Gary and I are also part of a weekend group that is creative and exclusive, and sometimes heavily medicated.

You and your gentle readers could go to or you could try . Now you have more of an idea what we do on our nature walks. Plaster track casting goes without saying. I need the practice, because these days I find more pesky Bigfoot tracks than dinosaur tracks.

Not everyone can be a part of our group, or would like to be. One day I might post some photos of my collection of Bigfoot scat. I could send you some to fertilize your city garden. I can't guarantee what will grow in it, but whatever grows, it will be big. I have also been working on a collection of eclectic wigs made from Bigfoot fur shed in the spring. If you wear them, I bet it will scare your cats, probably scare Robb, too.


Eclipse said...

Wish I could've been there with you all, but I'm glad to hear you had a great time. :) And go Robb!


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