Thursday, August 31, 2006


When I was in the hospital and had very little working from the waist down, Lisa and I kept a constant watch on my toes.

With my feet being the farthest parts from the site of the nerve injury, we looked to my toes as the bellwether for my recovery.

Later, as I got up on my feet and moved around more, we paid less attention to the toes. But...

Just this morning, as I was
waking up I realized I could wiggle the big toe of my (mostly paralysed) right foot. What an odd sensation!

Unless you've ever had a paralysed limb, there's really no way to describe this feeling. I guess it's kind of like suddenly realizing you can move small, inconsequential objects by just thinking about them.

Anyway, it was a great feeling although my ability to do it vanished as soon as I sat up on the edge of the bed.

Oh, well. It's an encouraging sign and there's always tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

That's exciting, Robb. Hope is always alive...always!


Lock Wench said...

Some baby steps are smaller than others..but they still help get you there. Awesome news, Robb.

I guess I will enunciate better when I say my nightly prayers. I asked for "TOTAL feeling to return", but it must have come out "TOE feeling to return". Sorry about that. I'll work on it....


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! I'm so happy for you!

I take moving my toes so much for granted. You make me realize I shouldn't be sweating the small stuff. Here's hoping your wiggle will turn into WIGGLES!

I will keep praying for you and Lisa, though lock wench's post has warned me how to pray . . . hee hee


just Lisa this time said...

Cute foot picture! I like that it was a totally (toe tally) accidental photograph.

Ever since I heard a character in the movie Lost In Translation make a disparaging comment about all girls going through a phase where they think they are photographers, and take a lot of pictures of their feet, I have been noticing feet portraits on blogs. Mostly, there show off a pedicure, and don't tell much of a story.

I like this version so much better!

Anonymous said...

I suggest a round of "Hokey Pokey" for the know, you stick your big toe in, you stick your big toe out, that sort of thing.

Doing the hokey pokey works better than prayers- God told me so, as did some of the other voices in my head. One of them belongs to a podiatist.

- Annalisa

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is such a good thing! When this happens... look out for more good things to come along! There is communication in those nerves! But beware, it may be a SLOW thing... but it is a good thing!

Bandaid.... rooting for you all the way!...Both of you in different venues!

mimulus said...

perhaps some toenail polish would be in order?

Anonymous said...

Toenail polish??? Bah! That's the coolest sock I've ever seen!

Great news about the toe!

Is the sock handknit BTW?

Knit Wit

Lisa and Robb said...

Hey Annalisa -- did you notice the bidhouse you made in this photograph?

robb said...

sock?... GAP

Karin said...

Hi there, I found this site through your wife's Craftster account. I came to read since I too once had a paralyzed limb (my dominant hand).

It took me a few months to recover, but I did, fully, and I know the feeling you are talking about. Any progress is so exciting! I can't wait to hear about more progress from you.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise! Somehow managed to miss this news--good thing that you have a list of past entries on the main page!

Let me relate to you a similar story in the hopes it will encourage you.

When my oldest sibling was young, she developed a drop foot. (If I'm remembering rightly, it was because of a mishap during her many hospitalizations following a dog attack which left her without one eye.) The doctors told our parents that this was just something she was going to have to live with, and would always have to wear a leg brace.

My father, who had no medical training, refused to be satisfied with that prognosis. For months and months--seems to me it was more than a year--he had her do exercises, including climbing up and down a bunk bed ladder, every single day. I'm sure you can guess the outcome--no drop foot, no braces to wear. Amazed the doctors.

Sometimes it is just doing what you both are doing--refusing to be beaten--that gets the job done. Much encouragement to both of you, and thank you for posting the good news!

You're in my prayers also.

Pied Piper

Anonymous said...

That is one damn fine looking birdhouse! I made a whole buch of them at one time when I ran the woodshop at Cranbrook Grad school, I never let anyone drink and saw, thus, there were no accidents the whole time. I wasn't the most popular person while in the woodshop, but the no-booze policy seemed to work for me.

Even a sneaky Robb would have been hard pressed to bring some of his fine beer into the shop. I made about 100 birdhouses out of scrap wood, I put all of them out into the woods, and ended up housing- 1-various birdies, 2-a rare flying squirrel, 3-several owls and the oddest of all, 4 -a possum. They are really ugly. Also hornets. But it was a cool sort of animal preserve.

Once your garden site is all fixed up, you will be suprised at all the wildlife that shows up there, except for the rats.

- Annalisa


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