Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Enough to drive you crazy

I was warned a while back by several occupational therapists about the potential catch-22 when someone in my situation has to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Their concern was that somewhere along the way someone involved in my case would inform the DMV of my condition and get my license suspended.

Since I had no intention of driving in the near future anyway, I didn't pay much attention to this issue, and since I never heard anything official on the subject, I assumed no one had informed on me. I couldn't imagine then that I would be the informant.

I got my license renewal in the mail last month, and dutifully checked the box indicating I had sustained an injury in the past year. Immediately after sending in the form, I got paperwork back asking for details from both me and my doctor. I figured if I filled all this out I could at least put my license on hold until I'm better. The next thing I got from the DMV was a letter informing me that my license was suspended effective immediately, and that I had to schedule a hearing and present evidence to get it reinstated.

No problem, I thought. I'll arrange to have a driving evaluation through my physical therapist and then present the results as evidence that I can drive an adapted vehicle, at least until I get better.

Now here's the catch-22 (Are you ready?... It's brilliant): The therapist can't do a driving evaluation unless I have a valid driver's license, and I can't get my license back until I get an evaluation to prove I can drive. (somewhere, in the back offices of the California Department of Motor Vehicles, a bureaucrat as wicked as Ming the Merciless is rubbing his hands together, and laughing maniacally)

Anyway, I think I found the way out. I'm going to try to get half an evaluation done, avoiding the part where I actually get behind the wheel and hope that it's enough.

I mentioned the idea to my case manager at the insurance company, and she pointed out that it sometimes can take weeks to get the report from the driving evaluator, and that my hearing is scheduled for next week. I told her if it comes to it, I have an incentive for the evaluator to produce a report quickly -- I can get the DMV to subpeona him to appear at my hearing at eight am on Tuesday morning. She pointed out that he'd probably work on his report all weekend if necessary to avoid having to pass through the Caldecott Tunnel at rush hour. She told me approvingly, "Now you're learning."

I don't know about her, but I was rubbing my hands as, together, we laughed maniacally.


Celtic Quinn said...

ah, nothing like getting out of a clever trap!
Hope it goes well for you.

Lock Wench said...

Remember, Robb...I have ways of making them talk. Anything in my arsenal is available on a loan basis. Now just where did I put my Folsom ten's unit with insertable electrode?

LW *poking through her "way-more-interesting" Fibber McGee's closet*

Anonymous said...

Wow... Leave it to the DMV to figure out that set of rules. Good luck navigating the bureaucratic maze-- yikes...


shiloh said...

That makes me wnat to bang my head on the wall. :)

It's the same logic as *don't go into the water untill you can swim.

Or,how does a new driver get to drive if they don't have a license yet?

*banging head on the wall*

Anonymous said...

Catch 22... I am the bombadeer. good, I'll help you find the bombadeer!

Bandaid ~ also banging head on wall for you!

Anonymous said...

Ming was sexy. But no one is as merciless as a pissed off woman.

- Annalisa


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