Saturday, August 26, 2006

...and reason #248

When I heard Linguine pull the mango skin out of the garbage, the first thing I did was grab my camera.

Bad. Really bad.

(Does Linguine seem to have too many fang teeth, or am I looking at this wrong?)


Anonymous said...

Love the picture! My first thought was... wow, look at how clean Lisa's floor is!!! Mine usually sports a fine layer of dog and cat hair!


Dale End Farm said...

Looks like Caticula!

Lisa and Robb said...

Hey thank, Bandaid!, as far as payment of the bribe for saying that, would you like a check, or do you prefer PayPal?

Pats said...

What a fobo photo! It does look like there is one too many fangs displayed in an eerily Hannibal Lecter-y kind of way. Like Bandaid, I'm impressed with the floor issues. Is this moment to be known as The Linguine Incident?

phyto said...

We have three kids, um er...I mean, cats! I can totally relate to pulling out the camera for cats and not kids!


Anonymous said...

Actually, I prefer payment in carving material!


Anonymous said...

Ummm... I have two kids and no cats. I have actually been known to pull out the camera first instead of help them out of a "sticky" situation, like when my then two-year-old accidentally sat down in the toy basket and couldn't get out.

Knit Wit

Anonymous said...

Dudes, if your CAT is eating mangos, you guys have taken this vegetarian thing way to far. You should set some rat traps in your future garden and collect some potential meals for your kitties. At least its a way of catching them some "new toys". I simply cannot fathom a cat eating a mango.

By the way, the first time this Pennsylvania-raised gal had a mango was overseas, and it was rotten, so on the spur of the moment I flushed it down the toilet ( I didnt want to attract bugs in the apartment, I guess) and the toilet bowl immediately turned BLACK and stayed that way for the next year. I ask your audience the obvious question "Why do mangos turn the toilet bowl black when they are flushed?" Perhaps it is something technical that can be answered through physical and chemical secrets known only among the select few in the scenic theater profession, eh?

By the way, I also do not have a kid, but would be proud if I had one smart enough to feed itself vegetables from my trash bin. I'd be seriously demented, but still proud.

- Annalisa


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