Monday, July 31, 2006

six months since the accident

Remember the plum that Robb picked on one of his therapy walks?

Well, the universe wanted to show that it was not without a sense of humor, and marked the occasion of the six-month anniversary of Robb's accident by dropping the tree this plum came from on one our neighbor's cars.

We'll write a more serious entry, but at the moment, I'm rushing out the door, late for dinner with Robb and his parents.


Gothknits said...

if nothing else, at least the universe has a sense of humor.

i never cease to be amazed by you both.

Anonymous said...

This is a sign that the universe is now starting to smile on you guys and your Karma is getting better. Proof? Well, the plum tree didn't fall on YOUR car!


Anonymous said...

Hm, was the tree off balance because you guys are picking plums off it? Good luck to you both- it didnt fall on you guys, or your car. Maybe fate took another swipe at you guys and missed. Good for you! I never thought of trees as living beings that deflect evil, but maybe they are superheros in ways other than helping the environment! Better plant another one right away!

This is good news for all the squirrels on the block with back injuries, they can now eat the fruit since it is easily accessible. Looks to me like it's jam making time!

Good luck to you both, here in Detroit we are getting absoultely gross temps that you had in California. 110 with the humidity today. I'm setting up the video to record the car melting.

- Annalisa and Gary


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