Saturday, July 22, 2006

Long Walks on the Beach

After an afternoon spent throwing away some of the random junk that has piled up in our garage, and a lovely lunch, Robb suggested that we drive to Alameda and take a walk on the beach.

The pelicans were flying.

Kids were frolicking.

I gawked at the wildflowers.

And, as is so often the case in California, I had no idea what I was looking at.

Robb didn't walk for a particularly long distance, but he managed to walk on the beach without his ankle braces, and also collected sand in his sandals.

It was a lovely way to end a day.


Ryan said...

That photo where you said you didn't know what you were looking at--looks a lot like black sage to me. =)

Anonymous said...

I think those flowers look like figs sitting on fancy potato chips to me. And, no, I'm not hungry.


Anonymous said...

You guys are getting closer to 10,000 hits on your blog! Once that happens I'll send you seeds to some mystery flowers of my own.

I always pick the dried pods of mysterious plants when I go outside,and bring them home with me. Ever since I started doing that my cats have started dissapearing. I wonder if it's connected. Hmm.....

- Annalisa

knitica said...

I believe that's why they're called SANDals.


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