Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Great Expectations

I realized just now that I’m at something like a tipping point in my thinking about my abilities. I think I made a fairly easy transition in dealing with my new limitations. I woke up in the hospital, recognized what I had to work with, and accepted it. As I learned about what I could and couldn’t do, my expectations we very low at first.

The danger I’ve discovered lately is incorporating those limitations into my identity. It can be tempting to get comfortable with the speed at which I’m walking, for instance. This is part of what the therapists call plateau-ing. Up until recently I’ve felt like my progress has leveled off. Maybe, though, I just stopped pushing.

Most people going through their daily lives don’t suddenly say to themselves, “Gee, I wonder if I can do a handstand today.” Or “ I haven’t tried in a while but maybe today’s the day I can dance en pointe.” Lately though, I’ve found it necessary to question my limits constantly. Can I bend over and pick up a sock off the floor? Can I balance on one foot? Can I walk a mile? How about three and a half? Can I climb 136 steps?

This is what I’ve been missing. Hopefully, it’s the way forward.

By the way:
1) It was easier than I thought.
2) For about 20 seconds.
3) Yes.
4) Soon.
5) Did it yesterday.


shiloh said...

Most excellent.Keep pushing.

Now, about that homebrew.....:)


Music Woman said...

Great job Robb! Keep up the great work!

Music Woman

Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Robb... and Lisa....Don't ever give up!


Bobbie said...

You're an inspiration!

Bobbie said...

You're an inspiration!

Kim said...

!! thats super fantastic Robb !!!

Anonymous said...

I can't do a handstand either, and I'm supposedly "normal" but am still not convinced of it entirely on most days.
I believe "normal" is a mental thing and not a physical thing. I learned this quickly while waiting with specific locals at bus stops throughout Baltimore city.

You can do over 100 steps a day? Stop showing off! I've got rapidly expanding computer-ass.

Call your most recent beer the "Please remain seated" vintage. We can document your progress thru the titles you give your beer over time! Coming up will be the "Walkin' 2 miles" and then the "I can feel my ass" brew. Get started on those linocut labels right away, Lisa!



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