Friday, June 09, 2006

Where Have We Been?

Don't worry, the lack of recent blogging has not been due to tragic moping on my part. Quite the contrary. We've been having what for us would qualify as a whirl-wind social life. And our computer was ill.

So instead of trying to fix the computer, we were at a lovely party at Wil and Rich's house, and and then Ashley Robb and I were at dinner with the newlyweds Sten and Rebecca.

Sten was the one who brought the right gizmos along so that Robb could fix the computer.

Occasionally, I still feel oddly weepy (generally for no reason), but most of the time, I'm my usual crazy happy self. As evidence of this, here's a photograph of a very advanced scenic painting technique for getting ground cork to stick to glue on carved styrofoam mounds. If you ever need to simulate a giant pile of dirt or espresso, this is the way to go...


Gothknits said...


i SO miss working with you.

Lisa and Robb said...

We sure had fun together!


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