Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I just got off the phone with a nurse doing a survey for CPMC where I was in the Acute Rehab program. She had questions like "Are you still using a walker? Can you climb a flight of stairs? Can you dress yourself?" and "Can you walk 150 feet with a cane?" I've moved so far beyond many of these issues, I don't even think about them any more.

I was already in a reflective mood – my initial authorization for out-patient physical therapy (PT) has just run out. It will almost certainly be renewed for another 4 weeks but it makes me think about those in similar situations to mine who only get the state mandated 25 PT visits. At that rate I would have run out within two or three weeks of the accident. I'm very lucky to be working with an insurance company committed to my case.

As it happened, I had 4 weeks of therapy in acute rehab, 9 weeks of in-home therapy and another 4 weeks of out-patient for a total of about 230 visits. And it has paid off.

Much to my therapists' surprise, when I started working with my back brace off I was not the loosey-goosey limp noodle everybody predicted. The Pilates work I'm doing is a big help.


A big “thank You” to Annalisa and Gary. The package of goodies was such a fantastic surprise! And well-timed, too. I just about finished tackling that stack of books you sent a while back. You guys are amazing.


Taking a walk to the
Getting off medications.

Internet obsessions–
Flickr, boingboing, iTunes radio, the new napster
Our new wireless connection from the laptop to the stereo.

Ambrose Bierce

Tasting the beer I brewed last month... yum...


Lisa and Robb said...

Yeah....you read right. Robb's off his medications, and he and I have been celebrating wildly by sharing a bottle of beer in the evenings.

Gothknits said...


jackbear said...

Way to go...what an inspiration you guys are. Boy, I wouldn't mind a glass of that beer...love your logo!

Anonymous said...

Hey Robb- Are you guys going to include samples of your beer in the letter boxes out in nature? Is your beer the type that makes people prone to artistic discourse when viewing a letterbox?

You should develop a type of beer that you drink when out in nature, that helps you heal when you get covered with poison ivy, or mosquito bites. Beer drinking is good, no mater what your covered with, in Lisa's case, probably paint.

We have a nest full of little pesky birds (type unknown) that have hatched and learned to fly. They are EXTREMELY territorial- when ever I go outside the door we get surrounded by a bunch of screeching 4 inch-long birdies. They get to within 2 feet of me and scream- they are fearless, and dont appreciate me laughing at them. I sense an imminent attack coming up one day.

Catch you later- Annalisa and Gary

shiloh said...

I've been keeping up with the progress but just now signed up so I can post. Congrats on the advancements!!!
As one homebrewer to another "relax,have a homebrew,don't worry"

Celtic Quinn said...


Hey there. it's that well wishin' guy that you don't know. :D

hang in there! good to hear stuff's working out!

Anonymous said...

Beer, mmmmmm.....


PS. So glad there is so much good to reflect upon-- Cheers to you both--

shiloh said...

Umm....you know you can ship beer FEDEX if you call it a "live yeast culture" this is how homebrewers send their entries to competions without having to actually go there.

*did I say that out loud?*



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