Friday, June 16, 2006


Not that we're in the market for a new car...but this caught my eye today. A single passenger car for wheelchair users. It drives with a joystick, and the operator enters through a hatchback door in the rear of the car. Technically, this is a four-wheel motorcycle.

Neat, huh? Here's a link for more information.

Robb is a long way from returning to the driver's seat. His feet lack the strength and feeling to operate the pedals, but we have casually discussed the possibilities of retrofitting our car with hand operated controls if at the end of this healing process he doesn't regain enough use of his feet to drive normally. Something like this.

Did I mention that we just spent more than the Blue Book value of our car on a series of repairs?

Here's a little cutie for able bodied folks who want a tiny car.


shiloh said...

Not much info on the car. I was wondering if there was a model not for wheelchairs. It would make a great commuter car,one seat with room for some cargo.

Lisa and Robb said...
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Anonymous said...

Anyone who wants to see these mini, tiny "cars" in person (they look like high-top sneakers in my book)come to Davis, CA! Anything new, odd or particularly efficient, we just eat them up! They're everywhere and usually driven by long, gray-haired residents!

Anonymous said...

Can you get one of those cars, paint them red with black spots like a lady bug?

I'd love that- Annalisa and Gary


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