Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Bad Luck Can End Now, Please

It has been exactly one year since Berkeley Repertory Theatre's scene shop (where I am in charge of painted scenery, and Robb often worked) burned to the ground.

For so many people, this has been a year of difficulty and sadness.

This run of bad fortune can end.


In Other News

Robb has an early morning CT scan and a visit with his neurosurgeon tomorrow. He's actually pretty excited about this. The last CT scan he had was the day after the surgery. Robb was in a lot of pain, and every movement hurt terribly. The hospital transport staff was having a very bad time with is bed, and kept running Robb into doorways or getting his IV stand caught on things. I was running along beside his bed, trying to make his ride as smooth as possible. I even took over the guidance of his IV. Once we were at the radiology department, the move from the hospital bed to the scanning table was excruciating.

Robb is looking forward to this visit, as he will be able to gt up on the table under his own power, and will experience no pain at all.

I'm interested in seeing the images of Robb's spine. I find these scans utterly fascinating.

So, let's hope that there is good news!


Celtic Quinn said...

Awesome! Sounds great. And of course, you'll let us know how it goes!

I wish you well.

Anonymous said...

Now, no 'bo duke' style sliding onto the table! Hope it is over before you know it and they see exactly what they need to see to ensure the best course of treatment.
Heres to continued improvement!

Anonymous said...

When they scan his back tell me if they find my keys in there. I can't find them anywhere, and they might as well be inside Robb's back, cause I sure as hell cant find them here.

Good luck with all the medical stuff, be patient with it all, even if his improvent is slow at times, it's still improvement, not regression.

- Annalisa

Gothknits said...

Best of luck!

freebird said...

you guys are on our prayer list...Wish you many blessings


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