Monday, June 05, 2006

another quiet weekend

When I woke up on Saturday, Robb was making biscuits. Mister Firdusi got in on the act, "making biscuits" on the sofa. But, as with most things he does, he seemed grumpy.

Robb wasn't grumpy, but he did have a very low energy day. I'm encouraging him to not spend quite so much time outside of his brace, as I suspect this really wears him out. I understand his desire to be rid of the brace, but as with all things in our lives, we have to find the right balance.

While Robb was resting, I ran up to Moraga, for a little letterboxing and a stroll. (I thought I was planting something that would be very easy for people to find, but the folks who went looking on Sunday read my clues as way more metaphorical than I ever intended.)

This deer was munching plants along side of the path. I thought this was an amusingly undignified photo of an otherwise graceful creature.

On Sunday, we returned to Moraga, because I thought Robb would enjoy the beautiful drive. There is a huge area of land between Oakland and Moraga that is off limits for public use, because it is a protected watershed. I noticed, though, that there is a small road that runs through this beautiful area. Hardly anyone was driving on the roads, although there were a lot of cyclists on the roads. Both Robb and I are looking forward to the time when Robb is able to ride a bicycle again.

Of course, no trip into nature is complete without me taking some pictures of wildflowers. This was some white lupine that was growing on the shoulder of the road.

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Anonymous said...

I didnt have time to take a picture, but I DID catch a groundhog in my fenced in garden. Would you like me to mail it to you so you can take a picture of it for your blog? It has been putting up a good fight here in the apartment, and refuses to use the catbox.

- Annalisa


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