Tuesday, May 30, 2006

trying to get organized

Now that it seems we've finally settled into a routine at home, we're trying to slog through all the stuff that piled up in the corners of our apartment since Robb's accident.

These are the pants that Robb was wearing the day of the accident. He got a huge laugh from the paramedics as they were cutting them off him because he was lamenting the fact that he had just bought these particular pants the day before.

Goodness knows why we saved these. Any quilt I made out of the scraps of fabric would have such creepy energy that I would never want to sleep under it.

Away with these pants!


isabel said...

away indeed!

Anonymous said...

You sitting on those pants looks like a before and after shot to advertise a diet of some sort. It actually looks like an ad for a "eat the kitty" diet!

-Annalisa and Gary


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