Sunday, May 07, 2006

How's Kara?

We take a break from reporting on Robb today, and talk about Kara. I met Kara when she came to work at the Glimmerglass Opera. When she decided to take a job at the San Francisco Opera, Robb and I were thrilled to have her so nearby. It seems like just last week that we hosted her at our house as she apartment hunted (which was the same weekend we went on this wildflower hike). And didn't we unload her moving van just the other day?

Kara was riding her Vespa a two weeks ago, when a parked car opened their door into her. She had a terrible hand injury as a result of this, but at least she was wearing her helmet. The friend she was driving to play tennis with got caught up in the traffic jam that her accident caused, and managed to get the keys to her Vespa, and parked it in the garage of the woman whose house the accident was in front of.

Kara spent two days at San Francisco General Hosiptal, came home, and then went back into the hospital for nine days with a terribly serious infection. It seems that the antibiotic that they put her in in the first hospital knocked out some of her natural flora and fauna, which allowed other nasty things that occur in the body to run amok.

Robb and I drove over to see her today. Kara is home now, as are Clive and Walter (pictured above), who had been staying with a friend. Her right hand is all full of hardware, and her energy is low. She has to shower with her arm outside the shower curtain, and get help washing her hair.

In spite of all this, Kara is doing amazingly well. She's not taking pain killers, and she has a great sense of humor about everything.

Here's the best bit of Kara trivia I know. Her dad invented Pop Rocks. And, no, nobody ever died from combining cola and Pop Rocks.

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