Tuesday, May 23, 2006

a dance

Yesterday, Christine (she of the fantastic pies) came over, and brought her friend Nadia along to meet us.

Nadia is a dancer and choreographer. She lives in Madrid with her husband, and is briefly in the United States rehearsing a dance piece. (Christine tells me that she has danced with Baryshnikov.)

As a surprise, her husband had arranged a sky diving jump for her, and Christine went along for the ride (her husband is in Spain). The jumped from an altitude of two and a half miles, jumping tandem with instructors.

Clearly, Nadia is a woman who embraces life.

Nadia is also a woman who, sixteen years ago, suffered a spinal cord injury at the same location as Robb. She was told she would never walk again.

I guess she proved them wrong.

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