Wednesday, May 03, 2006

cat tongues

We have one cat, Linguine, who earned her name* because she forgets to put her tongue back in her mouth. I don't know how this little cat isn't dehydrated all of the time. I'm compelled to take photos of her when she's got her tongue lolling out, and doubly compelled to post those silly photos on the blog.

But darn it, I can't take credit for this photograph. I found it while prowling around on Flickr.

As you may have gathered, there's not much to report today regarding Robb's condition. Or, more accurately, there's nothing I care to write about. Really. You don't want to read about a visit to the urologist and I don't choose to write about it. Nothing dire happened. The waiting room was hushed and a bit tense, and Robb is probably the only one there who didn't come away with a prescription for Viagra.

* Linguine, of course, means "little tongues."


knitica said...

Yeah, I'm guessing Viagra would be the most frustrating thing they could give you a prescription for right now!

Anonymous said...

Don't assume we dont want to hear about medical things- I, for example, am still highly interested about Robb's zombie potential, since he has a doner part. I cant get over that. It puts him right up there among the 'most interesting people I know" group. Does he ever start to drool when your head gets close to him? Does he say in his sleep " I can smell your brain" ? Gary does, I just always assumed this was a guy thing.

-Annalisa and Zombie Gary

Lisa and Robb said...

Oh geez... I mention the word Viagra, and the level of discourse instantly degenerates!

Erica and Annalisa, you two are terrible!!!!

Judith & Sparky said...

Love the picture. I have seen a video of a cat licking milk out of a bowl, the view from under the clear bowl. The speaker said that the tongue acts like a sponge and then they suck the liquid off when they put their tongue in their mouth. Dogs on the other hand make a "cup" out of their tongue.


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