Sunday, February 12, 2006

The Weekend at CPMC

On Saturday morning, Robb was about to begin another session of walking with his physical therapist. The therapist was looking around for someone to help Robb get out of the wheelchair, when this three foot tall balloon sculpture of the Road Runner bounced into the room, followed by our pal Paul. Apparently, Paul was conscripted into helping Robb with his walking. Because of the way the schedule has worked out, I have actually not seen Robb walking, except in my happiest dreams.

In between physical therapy and occupational therapy, Brian stopped by for a well-timed visit.

Robb also experienced "Animal Assisted Therapy" with a very happy, very lazy pooch. We are told that Linguine has been approved to visit Robb. I think I'll bring her on on Valentine's Day.

The cards keep arriving! We are delighted by the creativity of our friends. Who wouldn't be charmed by this pleased-looking kangaroo?

Saturday was a glorious day, and everyone in the world seems to have decided to go to San Francisco. Robb's family and I went to the Berkeley Farmer's Market, had some lunch, and then spent quite a while in the throng of drivers going over the Bay Bridge. When we arrived, Robb decided to have dinner in the dining room, so he donned his armor and we all sat at the table. Up to this point, Robb has eaten all of his meals in bed. Ashley came to visit, and hitched a ride back to the East Bay with us.

Sunday, Kara managed to swing by for a visit between Robb's therapy sessions. Robb had some time to move around his room in his wheelchair while the therapist found a screwdriver to replace the screws that had worked loose on his brace.

Robb's family and I had lunch, and then met Robb at CPMC. Ashley also stopped by. This was a somewhat shortened visit, because Paul is catching an early flight home on Monday. Hopefully, all that East Coast snow will not affect his travel in any way. Paul, it has been a delight having you out here!

Robb's parents have decided to leave Berkeley, and move to a hotel in San Francisco. I'll help them with the move on Monday after some meetings at work. I hope this works out better for Joan and Bob than Berkeley did.

After everyone left, Robb and I got some impromptu animal therapy. This bird belongs to the fiance of one of the other patients. It is in Robb's room, getting some love from Maggie and Irena, two wonderful nurses on Robb's team. Maggie is holding the bird, and Irena has the mirror. Robb adores both of these women.

The photo on the left looks like the composition of a painting to me. I love the women's hands and the bright yellow feathers on the underside of the bird's wings.

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