Friday, February 10, 2006


Three days after arriving at CPMC, and ten days after the accident, Robb walked for the first time! He got a pair of fuzzy orthopedic boots (that look like what might happen if Jean-Paul Gauthier designed Uggs) which allow him to walk without damaging his feet, and today during physical therapy, Robb walked while holding onto the parallel bars.

I am beside myself with joy.

Robb's family finally got to see him at CPMC. He had a very busy day at therapy, so we came late in the afternoon. I showed them around Berkeley Rep, we drove up Skyline Drive, and we had a lovely Thai lunch. Thank you to Andrew, who picked them up at the airport last night. Thank you Madelyn and Mimosa and Christopher and everyone else who got them settled into their housing.

Thank you to everyone at University of California, Berkeley for all the wonderful treats and diversions. Thanks to Gina and Robert for the awesome care package. Thanks to a certain beacon of light, who has been with us throughout every step of the way. I know you're getting embarassed by my thanking you all the time, but I need to do it.

Thank you to all the letterboxers and muralist and scenic artists who hardly know Robb, but who send cards and emails and healing wishes.


Paul in SF said...

BTW, a friend of mine is going through (believe it or not) worse spinal trouble than Robb is. She just had spinal disc replacement surgery done in L.A. -- for 3 discs. She already had rods and fused discs from an earlier episode.

Doctors here either aren't aware that replacements are possible or aren't familiar enough with them to even suggest them to patients. The new surgery is a far better long-term solution than is fusing!

Derek said...

Please tell Robb we have a booking for Harford Hills Elmntary. When does he think he'll be able to walk on his hands?

Try and try you may....

I am so happy to read this. I have no doubt that Mr. Bauer will find ways to stun and amaz all of us.

Isn't that what he does best?


ZeitgeistMama said...

Oh hooray! I'm all teary thinking about it! way to go robb!!!!

knitica said...

Yay Robb!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy and amazed to read about the first steps! That is so great and amazing and believe it or not, a costume shop across the country is concerned about your progress and asks every day! Oh yay, yay! I am also all teary reading this!


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