In Which Your Heroine Does a Poor Imitation of a Vintage Seamstress


Some time ago, I spotted this delightfully bonkers sewing pattern online, and realized that my life was entirely lacking in a dress of this sort.  (To be truthful, I suspect most people on the planet are lacking a garment like this, but never mind.). I did not hesitate, but bought it right away from Stephanie at Backroom Finds.  

I love the crazy structure of this skirt.  It has alternating tiers of loops and buttons, so that the entire garment can be shortened for sporty activities.

I also really love the economy of the pattern itself.  The cover is relief printed, and a careful viewer will notice the embossing on the yellow stripes on the skirt.  The tissue pattern pieces have no printed marking, instead all information is transmitted by a series of perforated holes.  (Butterrick held the patent on printed sewing patterns and defended it ruthlessly for decades.) The instructions are terse, and assume a level of sewing expertise that I do not possess.  But hey!  I'm always up for a challenge.

I set about making a mock-up this weekend, using some particularly vile fabric that I got free somewhere.

The pattern also includes shorts.  I have to say, I love the cut of 1940s shorts. 

I this photo, I'd pinned the shorts to the bodice, just to see how the bodice would fit with some weight on it.  In reality, the shorts are meant to be worn separately.  I think they're included for modesty, in case that goofy short skirt turns out to be a little too short.

This morning I attached the mockup of the skirt.  And here's where I run out of expertise.  

It's clear that the shoulders are way too wide. 

Also, the bodice is generally too big.  I think the circumference of the waist is okay, but the upper bust is way, way too large for me.

This is where I wish we weren't all locked up in our own homes.  I could really use a friend's critical eye, and some help pinning this to fit better.  I really don't know enough about sewing to know how to do these adjustments.  My friend Jennifer is offering virtual sewing classes from her studio, and I may sign up for a session.

If anyone has any advice, I'd love to hear from you.


GG said…
I'm looking forward to the finished project.
You've got this.
Just a nip, a tuck and a flounce away from a fun dress for all occasions.

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