Some Time in the Garden

Despite the ongoing drought, the back garden seems to be thriving. 

We've got a delightful variety of insects and birds visiting. 

Our honeybees are enjoying the flowers. 

(This rather weedy-looking plant is weld, a dye plant that dates back to the Viking times. It produces an eye-searing yellow dye.)

In addition to European honeybees, we have a variety of native bees (and bee mimics).

I've been digging aged compost into our vegetable beds. On bad days, it's a bit depressing to think about how much compost I've added to our garden soil. Today, I added five eight-gallon basins-full of compost to a relatively small area. And in four months, there will be no evidence that I added any organic material at all. Our dirt will feel as rock-hard as ever, seemingly devoid of any life. 

On better days, I think about all the plant waste and kitchen scraps that didn't go straight to landfill. I imagine the heap of scrap is feeding the soil, even if it's a largely invisible process. 


K said…
I need to figure out how to compost. I love reading your posts, you always inspire me. And there has to be some kind of uplifting analogy to life in your whole composting experience. I just haven't put my finger on it yet.

Today we were out and about and saw hundreds of mushrooms growing on the public square. It made me think of you!
Martha said…
I've added 20+ years of compost to my dry, lifeless Brooklyn soil. Seems like trying to build a beach one grain of sand at a time. Keep going though!

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