Of Smoke and Smog

I think panoramic photography was invented as a way of making cats even more amusing than they already are. Smog was certainly obliging. 

Robb has been re-pointing our chimney. He and I have (pretty much) given up on the idea that we can have a functional fireplace. The firebox (I think that's the right word) is just too small. It would cost a fortune to install a decent-looking wood stove that would fit our house. 

Besides, it's only a matter of time before California outlaws wood fires, because they pollute the air. We figure that it's not worth spending money we don't have on something that we won't be allowed to use. 


Dianna said…
Wood fires may pollute the air (depending on how California feels about that) but there's nothing wrong with having Smog in your house!!!! ;-)

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