Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tiles and Tribulations


I've spent the better part of this weekend, sprawled around a vintage commode, trying to improve the sorry state of my bathroom walls. 

The paint on the walls was barely attached, and I was able to remove quite a lot of it with a carefully deployed razor blade. 

The trick is to remove the loose paint without damaging the plaster "tiles."  

After the wall is cleaned up, I masked around half the "tiles" so that they could be selectively resurfaced. 

I'm applying a custom mix of joint compound, white glue, and paint. It's something I've used for years in theatrical construction. My goal is to smooth out the irregularities in the surface with a material that's strong, relatively waterproof, and somewhat flexible. I'm putting on a remarkably thin coat. The white squares have been "schmooed" and the first pass of masking tape has been removed. I'll repeat the process, evening out all the times, before I start painting. 

Meanwhile, Robb has been examining our fancy "new" green toilet. We have never swapped out a toilet before, which just adds to the fun. 

Anyone who has any great advice about maneuvering antique commodes into tight spaces is more than welcome to stop by to help.  

1 comment:

ellen kirkendall said...

I can hardly believe how much work you are doing in that bathroom. Good for you for sticking to it. you'll be so pleased and rightfully proud of it when you are finished.


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