Chopping Apart, and Stitching Together One's Knitting


After having knitted thousands and thousands of stitches, it's more than a bit daunting to intentionally chop apart one's knitting. 

Hopefully, all the stabilizing crochet stitches will do their job, and this garment won't self-destruct. 

It's very gratifying to sew up the sleeves. 

A lot of people complain about the finishing tasks of knitting, but I genuinely enjoy sewing everything together. 

There's still quite a bit to do. But it's actually looking like a garment. 

And of course, the cats are very helpful. 

Nothing is more soothing than having a cat jump on one's project at the exact moment when everything could be ruined.  Like, for example, when one is cutting apart one's handmade knitwear. 

The cats are drunk on wool fumes. 


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