Our little cat Smog is a dirty boy. He seems never to have learned Basic Cat Skills, like grooming (or diplomacy).  He has only the vaguest notions about washing, and actually leaves a trail of dirt in his wake. 

This morning, I had to remove this impressive redwood branch from his tail. 

As if Smog wasn't a dirty enough name, we've been calling him Mulch-Butt. 


Anonymous said…
Don't pull anything out of his butt, though. One of my kitties got a piece of twig or something stuck in there and I had to take her to the vet. He said it could harm them if it is pulled out the wrong way.
Mulch Butt ... Love it! Our Maggie has similar grooming habits. It must have something to do with being a large long-haired cat.
Noreen said…
Maybe it's that name, Smog, super cute and apt given his coloring. But maybe he needs a new nickname (um, not mulch-butt ) to fuel his higher aspirations. Loki? Thor?
Rochelle said…
May we see a picture of Smog?

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