Monday, January 26, 2015

Covered in Mystery Goo


If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may have heard about the mysterious substance that is coating (and killing) aquatic birds in the East Bay.  The substance is the consistency of rubber cement -- in some cases gluing birds' wings to their bodies -- and it's chemical makeup is utterly baffling.  It is not a petroleum product, and every test that it has been subjected to comes back negative.

Luckily for the birds, there is a wonderful network of wildlife specialists who are working to help these animals.  Folks are patrolling the shorelines, and hundreds of birds are being treated at International Bird Rescue.  There's an amazingly capable staff, and a small army of volunteers.

I'm volunteering with International Bird Rescue, and will be writing about my experiences.  Today I did not take any photos, because we were far too busy. All of these excellent photos are by staff photographers at the Contra Costa Times.

1 comment:

ellen kirkendall said...

I saw a piece about this spill on the news one evening - and I think I saw you. It's infuriating - someone knows exactly what this stuff is and you get no clue.


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