A Much-Needed Getaway


My birthday was Monday, and to celebrate Robb booked us a tiny vacation cottage near near Point Reyes National Seashore.  The building we stayed was once the village butcher shop, however the original facade and interior fittings are now in the collection of the Smithsonian Institution. (You can click here for news articles about the exhibition that the facade was used in, here.)

We visited tiny rural towns, and marveled at the landscape. We had lunch on the beach.  We kayaked in a bay that was formed when the San Andreas Fault ripped the land to pieces.  We saw more predatory birds than you could imagine.  We bought locally produced cheeses.  We listened to the mournful conversations of local owls.  We read out loud to one another. Some of us knitted.  We saw elk, and deer, and a particularly well-camouflaged coyote.  It was lovely.

This is entirely unrelated to gardening, but as I said, we were on vacation.  Click here to read what people who actually write about gardening on Mondays have to say.


Norma Chang said…
Happy belated birthday, Lisa. Glad you had a wonderful birthday.

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